Syria Retracts Reports on Missile Attack


Syrian state media on Tuesday retracted reports of an overnight missile attack on the central province of Homs, saying a "false alarm" had activated its air defences.

"Last night, a false alarm that Syrian air space had been penetrated triggered the blowing of air defence sirens and the firing of several missiles," a military source told state news agency SANA.

"There was no external attack on Syria," the source added.

In the early hours of Tuesday, Syrian state media reported that air defence systems had shot down missiles over Homs province.

It branded the incident an "aggression" but did not name a specific country.

Big explosions were heard overnight near Shayrat air base, southeast of Homs city, and near Damascus where two other air bases are located, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

Syrian military positions in Homs province have been bombed twice in just over a week.

On Saturday, a volley of American, British, and French missiles slammed Syrian military positions in Homs province and around Damascus.

And on April 9, Syria accused Israel of striking the T-4 air base in Homs.

Both the US and Israel appeared to deny involvement in Monday night's incident.

An Israeli military spokesman said he was "not aware" of the incident and US defence spokeswoman Heather Babb said there were no American operations in the area.

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Thumb Mystic 9 months

Good job

Thumb thepatriot 9 months

Yes Mastica... the propaganda did a terrific job! They first announced that they had intercepted and destroyed missiles, before they finally retracted their statement saying that no missile was fired at them in the fist place... Very Very Good Job indeed! Brilliant!

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 9 months

" the state news agency said "


Thumb justin 9 months

1) lol @ ' air defence systems had shot down missiles over Homs province.'
2) lol @ 'Syria Retracts Reports on Missile Attack'

so what happened to the missiles that were shot down?

Thumb ashtah 9 months

lol lol

when the report claimed there was an attack, syrian air defenses shot down missiles.
when they retracted the report of an attack, there were no missiles shot down:)

Thumb janoubi 9 months

DNA - 16/04/2018 محور المقاومة يهزم اميركا

Thumb janoubi 9 months

in this video, Nasser Qandil said a Syrian soldier shot down a cruise missile with his pistol.

Thumb liberty 9 months

Yep Assad's soldiers can shoot a cruise missile traveling at 900 km/hr with a pistol:)!

Thumb whyaskwhy 9 months

Syrias state media has always been the most prolific lying apparatus in the region. I can recall back in 1982 when they claimed to have shot down half the IDF airforce but in reality had lost over 40 jets in one day. This is the same media that stated a few days ago that they had shot down more than 100 missiles fired by the US, France and the UK....