Jumblat Urges Supporters to Up Turnout in Face of 'Black Crows'


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat on Sunday issued a last-hour call for supporters to head to polling stations, urging them to defend their “identity, existence and dignity.”

"In the last quarter of the hour, we have to raise the voter turnout to the maximum... in order to preserve our identity, existence and dignity in the face of the black crows who belong to the ruling authority,” Jumblat tweeted.

He accused some rivals of seeking to “steal people's money under the Paris IV (Conference) slogan and other phony slogans.”

At 2:00 pm (1100 GMT), seven hours after polling began, the interior ministry said just 24.47 percent of eligible voters had cast their ballots.

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Thumb whyaskwhy almost 2 years

He is a crow true SOS but the fools are the public group that supports crows across the board. His son should be in and his grand son will soon follow. The good news is that nothing will change we will still enjoy the lack of electricity and water not to mention the garbage everywhere. Yes Lebanon won again lol.