Monitor Says Missiles Hit Hizbullah Depot in Syria's Homs


Missiles hit a weapons depot belonging to Hizbullah at Syria's Dabaa military airbase in the central province of Homs overnight Thursday, a monitor said.

"Six missiles were fired at the Dabaa military airport and surrounding area in the western sector of Homs province, targeting Lebanese Hizbullah weapons warehouses," Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, told AFP.

"The missiles would have been fired by Israel," he added.

A source close to the Lebanese-Syrian border told AFP that planes had flown over Lebanese airspace and "some people are still expecting new strikes."

Israeli planes often use Lebanese airspace to conduct raids in Syria.

Syria's official SANA news agency confirmed the airbase had been targeted, but said air defenses had intercepted the missiles.

"One of our military airports was the target of missiles intercepted by our anti-aircraft defenses," SANA said, citing a military source.

There were no casualties immediately reported, but SANA reported explosions in the area.

Hizbullah, backed by Iran, fights in Syria alongside President Bashar al-Assad's forces.

Tensions are high in Syria after several Israeli bombing raids in recent weeks on regime positions, as well as on military instillations reportedly used by government ally Iran.

More than 350,000 people have been killed since Syria's conflict erupted in March 2011 with protests that spiralled into a brutal war.

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Thumb eagledawn 8 months

"Mystic 16 hours ago
This is the era of the Resistance."

The difference between Hezbollah and Israel zionists, is that hezb dies with happiness"

Missing un520 8 months

LOL, and there was something about airspace being closed closed for Israeli planes...

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 8 months

In fact there are confirmed reports circulating on the internet that claim upon hearing the swooping high pitch noise of the laser guided incoming Israeli missiles, the hezbollah terrorists at the site looked at each other and burst into laughter.

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Thumb janoubi 8 months

تفاصيل الغارات الإسرائيلية «السرّية» على المواقع الإيرانية في سورياتفاصيل-الغارات-الإسرائيلية-السرّية/

Thumb shab 8 months


Thumb eagledawn 8 months

Yes... Israel now needs permission from Russia to fly in Syria and Lebanon and even in northern Israel! S-400 is a game changer and now only the US F22 raptors can do anything without Russian permission! israel is even more upset as they now cannot even enter Lebanese airspace!!!! Now Israel is finally vonerable in Lebanese airspace!"

Thumb eagledawn 8 months

"A source close to the Lebanese-Syrian border told AFP that planes had flown over Lebanese airspace and "some people are still expecting new strikes."

Israeli planes often use Lebanese airspace to conduct raids in Syria."

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Thumb 8 months


Thumb janoubi 8 months

Are we to expect hezbollha's response will be to fire rockets at the "heart of occupied Palestine"?

14 May 2018, 17:56
Nassrallah also revealed that Israel was warned via a foreign state that “the next response would be in the heart of occupied Palestine".

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 8 months

Palestine, where is it really. It's been a mystery to "Ma7war al Moumana3ah wal mMoukawamah" throughout decades. I am confident they would have responded if they knew where the "heart of occupied Palestine" is. Some say it's somewhere around Jounieh or 3youn el Seeman. Others think it's near Homs and Aleppo. And There are claims that it's somewhere in the neighborhood of San3a2 or Riyad, but I think those are just ugly Zionist rumors. But don't worry "the Resistance front" had people with very big brains looking everywhere for it and when they find it, it' gonna be hell to pay. Even as we speak there is a group looking in the sewers for it. Lookout Netanyahu, "the Resistance front" is cumming for you.. wherever you are.

Thumb joebustani 8 months

bless anyone person, entity, organization, brigade or country that inflicts extreme pain and unbearable suffering, death, torture, and destruction upon the iranian sectarian terrorist militia and its members, sponsors, supporters or followers wherever they may be.

Thumb s.o.s 8 months

Israel is bitxslapping the Iranian stooges with Russia’s blessing. I’m lovin’ It !

The giraffe isn’t openin his mouth. Everybody wants Iran and its proxies terrorists out of Syria for good, the rest is just political theatrics.

Thumb shab 8 months

Thank you Israel

Thumb whyaskwhy 8 months

Kizballahs new motto Liberating Palestine one Syrian at a time.....