U.S. Backs Dutch, Australian Findings against Russia in MH17 Probe


The United States said Friday it stood with the Netherlands and Australia after they blamed Russia for the 2014 shooting down of flight MH17 over war-torn eastern Ukraine.

Australia and the Netherlands are moving toward taking legal action to "hold Russia responsible" for its role in the shootdown that killed all 298 people on board.

"We strongly support the decisions by the Netherlands and Australia to call Russia to account," State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement.

"It is time for Russia to acknowledge its role in the shooting down of MH17 and to cease its callous disinformation campaign."

A top Dutch investigator said his team had concluded that the plane was shot down by a Russian-made BUK missile from a Russian military brigade in Kursk.

Most of the dead were Dutch, but there were 17 nationalities, including Australians, on board.

The BUK missile launcher "was brought into sovereign Ukrainian territory from Russia, was fired from territory controlled by Russia and Russia-led forces in eastern Ukraine, and was then returned to Russian territory," Nauert said.

Russia has denied any responsibility, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov saying the Netherlands had provided "no facts" to support the findings and was merely speculating "to achieve their own political goals."

Nauert said Russia's involvement in Ukraine since 2014 has led to more than 10,300 conflict-related deaths.

"It is more than time for Russia to end this violence," she said.

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Thumb s.o.s 8 months

The fallacy, the US shot down the other Malaysian airliner over the pacific for getting too close to Diego Garcia , they were cowards about it too. None of the attacks were accidental, remember that once is happenstance, twice is a pattern. The airline is now officially bankrupt.... and there’s more to Malaysia than meets the eye.

Thumb s.o.s 8 months

I saw his family being interviewed, the suicide option isn’t realistic. He’s a scapegoat for a much more important crime and the fact they aren’t able to locate it is a proof of it because it was blown into a million pieces. When an Air France airbus crashed in the middle of the southern Atlantic Ocean, they were able to recover it despite the fact it was 4km below the surface...

Thumb s.o.s 8 months

Actually, they found lots of floating parts from that jet on the shores of eastern African... so what does it imply? This is very serious, and USA’s mutism and lack of cooperation is an obvious indicator.

Thumb janoubi 8 months

Super powers are never held accountable for their criminal acts.

Thumb s.o.s 8 months

Exactly, every single nation that has the veto power at the U.N. will never face a criminal court of justice.