Report: Mustaqbal Says ‘No Saudi Intervention’ in Cabinet Formation


Al-Mustaqbal Movement emphasized that efforts to lineup the Cabinet are in progress as they repudiated Hizbullah allegations of a Saudi intervention in the formation process, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Monday.

“There is no direct or indirect Saudi intervention in the process of forming the new government,” stressed Mustaqbal sources in remarks they made to the daily replying to remarks made by a senior Hizbullah official.

Hizbullah Central Council member Sheikh Nabil Qaouq has earlier accused SA of “interfering” in the formation of Lebanon’s Cabinet “in order to weaken the resistance,” and of seeking to keep his group out of the new Lebanese government.

He stated that “Saudi policy has not saved anyone from its evil, it is still a direct threat to the Lebanese national reconciliation and the stability of political life in Lebanon.”

Mustaqbal chief and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri faces a daunting task of forming a government amid wrangling among political parties over portfolios.

Hizbullah, the only organisation that did not disarm after the 1975-1990 civil war and now has an arsenal that outstrips Lebanon’s own armed forces, has reinforced its strength and its allies’ in the May 6 parliamentary elections.

Mustaqbal on the other hand has lost a third of its seats on May 6.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 8 months

Staghfarralah! Kizballah said the same things about Irans involvement. Also the Lebanese Forces said France has no influence in Lebanon and W.J. said Great Britain cannot even point to Lebanon on a map. I also heard that Bashar el Bsayn has said he never had interest or influence on Lebanon.