Geagea: LF's Govt. Share 'Not for Saudi Arabia'


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stressed Tuesday that the LF will represent itself in the new government and not the interests of Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with German news agency DPA, Geagea refused to depict the friendly relation between his party and Riyadh as being the “gateway” for Saudi policies in Lebanon.

“We represent ourselves in the Lebanese government and we are keen on Lebanon's interests. Our share in the government will be for the LF and not for Saudi Arabia or any other state. We are truly the kingdom's friends but our work inside Lebanon is totally something else,” Geagea added.

Asked about Hizbullah central council official Sheikh Nabil Qaouq's accusations that Saudi Arabia is interfering and obstructing the government formation process for the sake of its allies, Geagea said: “It is not us who receive hundreds of million yearly (from Iran) and it is not us who are linked to certain regional axes for whom we fight in Syria and outside Syria.”

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Thumb s.o.s 7 months

I’m so tired of these sterile discussions. The people don’t want to hear such useless comments, they want to hear about the solutions for the trash, electrical, water shortages.... and the terrorist militias.

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Geagea: LF's Govt. Share 'Not for Saudi Arabia'.... depending on the payment.
They instated a "Pay as you go" plan and they now are accepting Ben Salmane ATM cards