ISF Arrests Gang Smuggling Drugs to Egypt in Livestock Skin


The Internal Security Forces smashed a drug-trafficking network operating between Lebanon and Egypt since 2013, arresting seven suspects who smuggled the drugs by sea in cattle skin shipments.

ISF said they arrested seven Lebanese nationals, ranging between 30 and 54 years old, on June 27 following enormous raids and monitoring in the regions of al-Hammoudieh, Durus, Bekaa, Sidon, Bourj Hammoud and Ain al-Mrayseh.

The network has been trafficking tons of cannabis and Captagon pills via sea cargo after hiding them in cattle skin.

ISF confiscated two Kalashnikov rifles, HK combat rifle, Browning military pistol and a quantity of ammunition in one of the suspect’s houses in Beirut’s Sakiet al-Janzir.

They also seized 4,320 dollars in cash, 1,315 Euros, 123,000 Russian ruble and 1,650,000 LBP.

The suspects have admitted that since 2013, they have carried out 15 smuggling operations from Lebanon to Egypt by sea freight. Each shipment had weighed between 3 to 10 tons.

They said they hid the drugs between layers of livestock skins and that a new shipment was being prepared for shipment in the next days before their detentions. It weighed around seven tons of cannabis and thirty boxes of Captagon, admitted the suspects.

The packaging used to take place in Baalbek’s town of al-Sharawneh and Tal al-Abyad in Bekaa. The merchandise were then taken to a warehouse owned by one of the suspects in Bourj Hammoud and al-Ghazieh before being taken to the Port for shipping.

Lebanon coordinated with the competent Egyptian authorities regarding the seizure of the last smuggled drugs shipment.

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Thumb marcus 11 months

More of Ashraf Al Nass' good daily deeds

Thumb galaxy 11 months

the shia reinforcing the golden equation of: drugs+terrorism+kidnappings,+money laundering+car theft= ashraf al nass

Thumb s.o.s 11 months

there's a ery simple explanation behind this. I have it from good sources that Abbas Ibrahim and his Hizbala didn't get their full share of the cut. these smugglers kept some money for themselves, hence the interception...and arrest. The show's over, keep moving people there's nothing to see.

Thumb justin 11 months

إعتداء على شرطي حرر مخالفة مرورية لأحد المواطنين

على اثر قيام دراج في قوى الامن الداخلي بتحرير مخالفة مرورية لاحد المواطنين في منطقة المشرفية، تجمهر عدد من الاشخاص في المحلة واعتدوا بالضرب على الدراج وحاولوا اخراج الدراجة المخالفة بالقوة، الى حين حضور قوة كبيرة من الامن الداخلي عملت على تفريق المحتشدين. ويجري التحقيق في الحادث.

Thumb justin 11 months

توقيف مشتبه به بجرم سرقة… هل وقعتم ضحية أعماله

تاريخ 21/6/2018 نشر أحد المواقع الإلكترونية عددًا من مقاطع الفيديو يظهر فيها شخص مجهول الهوية يقوم بعمليات سرقة من داخل شركات ومكاتب بتواريخ ومناطق مختلفة.

بتاريخ 28/6/2018، ونتيجة للمتابعة والتحريات المكثّفة، تمكن عناصر مفرزة الضاحية الجنوبية القضائية في وحدة الشرطة القضائية من توقيف المشتبه به، في محلّة حيّ السلّم، وتبين أنه من أصحاب السوابق ومطلوب للقضاء بجرم السرقة.

Thumb eagledawn 11 months

Shiisim at its most Shameless!