Aoun-Jumblat Meeting Fails to Tackle Druze Share Obstacle


A meeting on Wednesday between President Michel Aoun and Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat anticipated to solve the Druze share obstacle and facilitate the government formation process did not come to fruition.

Jumblat who met Aoun reportedly at the latter’s request, told reporters after the meeting at Baabda Palace that his talks with Aoun discussed the “general situation without addressing the government formation process,” or the Druze ministerial quota.

Anxious reporters asking Jumblat why didn't he himself bring the subject up since Aoun has made the first initiative and called him for a meeting a day earlier, Jumblat answered: “He did not bring it up.”

However, disappointed Jumblat reiterated that “the results of the parliamentary elections gave us the right to allocate three ministers.”

Jumblat insists the three Druze ministerial seats be part of the PSP’s share. Meanwhile Druze MP Talal Arslan, of the Strong Lebanon bloc, also demands to get a portfolio.

“I appreciate Aoun’s keenness on the Mountain’s unity. I wish everyone would alleviate political rhetoric,” concluded Jumblat.

Earlier, LBCI television said Aoun had held phone talks with Jumblat on Monday to prepare for a meeting.

Jumblat had recently described Aoun's presidential tenure as a “failure,” drawing a storm of fiery responses from politicians loyal to the president.