Report: Lebanon's Security Agencies, Large Firms ‘Hacked’


Lebanon’s security agencies and several government and private institutions have reportedly been subject to hackers stealing and selling "data" to parties still identified by the Intelligence Branch of the Internal Security Forces which opened “confidential” investigation into the file, al-Akhbar daily reported on Friday.

The operation, described as the “largest hacking operation in Lebanon's history” was first uncovered two week ago, according to the daily.

ISF launched expanded investigations arresting several Lebanese individuals involved in the operation which aimed at stealing data and information from private firms, State institutions and most dangerously from security agencies, it added.

Security and judicial sources allegedly refuse to reveal details about the case, meanwhile informed sources said the “operation is one of the largest in Lebanon’s history where the suspects have managed to steal data from security agencies and large private firms, succeeding at hacking one of the country’s mobile company services. But the the extent of the damage is still unknown,” they said.

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Suzanne Al Hajj

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la kayra du Courant Patriotique Libre Syrien.

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فساد القطاع العام في لبنان إلى الواجهة بعد الكشف عن رواتب آلاف الغائبين

أعاد إعلان مؤسسة “لابورا” عن تقاضي آلاف الموظفين رواتب من مؤسسات الدولة من دون القيام بعملهم ودفع رواتب لعائلات موظفين متوفين، قضية الفساد المستشري في القطاع العام،

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I blame the yids again lol