Aoun: State Not Bankrupt, Govt. to Be Lined Up on Specific Criterion


President Michel Aoun assured that the State is “not on the brink of bankruptcy” despite the difficult economic and financial conditions it is facing, noting that the Cabinet formation will respect the outcome of parliamentary elections in terms of party sizes, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Friday.

“The economic and financial situation is difficult, but it is not collapsing nor is the State on the brink of bankruptcy,” visitors to the President quoted him.

He said “the crisis has been there for almost 30 years now, normally it had negative effects at more than level. But, what’s important is that we have stopped it from getting worse. We can say that the electricity crisis is on the solution track. We have wasted a lot of time and money.”

On the formation of the new government, Aoun stated “at the end, it will be formed based on scientific and objective criterion to translate the sizes of political parties produced by the parliamentary elections to ministerial ratios.”

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Thumb thepatriot 9 months

Yeah... well... what you say is all BS, and overall, your performance is a drama... and the country IS on the verge of an economical collapse... but you seem to be the only person in this country not to see it...

Thumb Puppet 9 months

General Aoun who is now President and Imam has captured my imagination and earned my utmost respect for saying the 'State Not Bankrupt'.

Thumb s.o.s 9 months

He certainly isn’t bankrupt, the deserter is billionaire in American currency!

Thumb lebanonforever 9 months

This maniac is nothing but a project. His reward is billions of dollars.

Just consider the assassinations of the true strong politicians over past 40+ years, yet the MujnAoun never ever suffered a scratch..

Project! and those who follow him or the FPM are suckers to this sickness.

Looking at this photo, I wonder if he'd melt away... he looks terrible because he is terrible

Thumb ashtah 9 months

"Just consider the assassinations of the true strong politicians over past 40+ years, yet he never ever suffered a scratch.."

That's because he is always on the side of those carrying out the assassinations.

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 9 months

Never has Lebanon seen a president who is so financially astute like this one, ever!

Thumb canadianleb 9 months

So there is more money for you and your son in law to steal....

Thumb whyaskwhy 9 months

What has he done since he assumed the role? apart from the rhetorical lip service?

Thumb bronco 9 months

sorry Mr President bit it looks like you've got your head buried deep in the sand

Thumb ex-fpm 9 months

He says: the State is not bankrupt!

Government Debt to GDP is almost 140 percent in 2018 and will ballon to 180% in 2023 according the IMF.

Debt servicing amounted to 35% of the State's budget in 2017

70 percent of expenditure goes on government salaries and debt servicing while up to 10 percent goes to subsidizing electricity

If that is not a bankrupt state, what is?!

Thumb 9 months

Quel sale type, un bonimenteur de pacotille !

Thumb ashtah 9 months

الرئيس عون دافع ايضا عن حقه في أن تكون له حصة وزارية، سائلا: لماذا كان يحق ذلك للرؤساء الآخرين، بينما يستكثرون علي هذه الكتلة؟ علما انه شخصيا انكر مثل هذا الحق على الرئيس ميشال سليمان.