Geagea: Maarab Agreement Has not Fallen


Despite political bickering between the Lebanese Forces and Free Patriotic Movement over Cabinet shares that has eventually shaken a landmark agreement between the two, LF chief Samir Geagea stressed that his party “adheres” to the agreement and will do everything that can be done to save it, An Nahar daily reported on Monday.

“I do not agree with the fall of Maarab agreement although I sense the enormity of what happened in the last four days. It is very unfortunate and reflected negatively not only on the Christian situation, but also on the country which needs efforts be put together instead of dispersing them,” Geagea told An Nahar.

The LF leader assured that he will exert all efforts needed to “rearrange” things for the country’s interest.

“It is unfortunate. I will exert all my efforts in order to rearrange things as soon as possible because the public interest requires that. But I have two or three remarks to make,” he added.

The FPM-LF relations have been strained over Cabinet shares. The LF insists on allocating five ministerial seats in addition to the deputy Prime Minister post which the FPM categorically rejects.

The LF leaked the highly confidential agreement to the media in recent days amid bickering with the FPM over the share that each of them should get in the new government.

To a question on whether the agreement could be restored, he said: “We are frankly trying each day because we adhere to that agreement and we are ready to discuss each point. We have received some positive indicators from Minister Jebran Bassil’s end, we hope it is translated into action.”

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lebanons Brexit drama....

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Geagea is feeling the pressure of fake news... Why the need to defend against rubbish?