Huge Fire, Faintings as 50 Gas Cylinders Explode in Kfar Tibnit


Around 50 gas cylinders exploded Wednesday in the southern town of Kfar Tibnit, sparking a huge blaze in a building containing a gas cylinder shop and a furniture showroom, the National News Agency reported.

“In addition to the major material damage, the incident caused a lot of fainting cases among citizens as a result of heavy smoke inhalation,” NNA said, adding that the smoke had engulfed the entire region.

The agency said the fire reportedly started when a gas cylinder exploded on one of two pickup trucks carrying other cylinders outside the gas shop.

“The flames spread to the entire furniture showroom and the gas cylinder shop,” NNA said.

“Crews from the various Civil Defense centers in the Nabatieh region, the Islamic Health Committee, the civil defense department of the Islamic Risala Scout, Nabatieh's ambulance services, and residents of the town worked on dousing the flames and keeping citizens away from the incident site to prevent a tragedy resulting from the explosion of any gas cylinder,” the agency added.

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