Al-Rahi Meets Kanaan, Riachi, Stresses Importance of 'Historic Reconciliation'


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi held talks Thursday with MP Ibrahim Kanaan of the Free Patriotic Movement and caretaker Information Minister Melhem Riachi of the Lebanese Forces, after which he stressed the importance of “the historic reconciliation between the LF and the FPM.”

“Any political disagreement between them should not be turned into a rift,” al-Rahi added, addressing the leaderships of the two parties, in a message recited by Bkirki spokesman Walid Ghayyad.

The two parties should “put an end to the media rhetoric that creates polarization and tension at the various political and media levels, including all social networking websites,” the patriarch urged.

He also called on the two parties to “devise a work plan and engage in communication in order to organize a sustainable political relation between them that does not hinge on temporary junctures.”

Riachi for his part emphasized that LF leader Samir Geagea is “keen on consolidating the reconciliation.”

Kanaan meanwhile described the reconciliation as a “sacred red line,” while noting that the LF and the FPM have become a “single party.”

“We are two parties, and the same as you can sometimes find various opinions in the same party, it is normal to find various opinions in two parties,” Kanaan added.

Kanaan and Riachi, who arrived in Diman in the same car, held a brief meeting before their talks with the patriarch, al-Jadeed TV said.

“Kanaan and Riachi stressed to the patriarch that the reconciliation will continue and that there is no turning back, adding that the political implementation of the agreement is marred by flaws that need common evaluation,” the TV network added.

It said the two guests noted that they are not seeking a bilateral confessional alliance but rather a “pluralistic reconciliation.”

“The main objective behind the visit is to reassure the patriarch that there are no disputes and that the issue is only about political competition,” al-Jadeed reported.

The renewed FPM-LF bickering comes as the two parties wrangle over the Christian ministerial shares in the new Cabinet.

Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Jebran Bassil has recently announced that the FPM's landmark Maarab Agreement with the Lebanese Forces “no longer exists.”

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Thumb galaxy 8 months

but ado from dahieh of australia said just the other day the dispute between the LF and the fpm is purely hearsay and according to undisclosed sources.

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 8 months

The rift is even much bigger within the FPM. It is the true reason Bassil is picking fights with everyone. Since he was installed by his father in law at the head of the FPM, Bassil has systematically demoted, forced to resign or fired anyone not loyal to him personally and surrounded himself of Cesar Abi Khalil type yes men. Many longtime activists were shut out of the Parliamentary elections by Bassil even after they were favored by the membership when the party conducted their famous internal elections. Bassil is eyeing the presidency and is whiling to destroy the FPM to get it. Michel Aoun destroyed the Army, the country and the Christians to become president and succeeded. Luckily Bassil doesn't have an army of his own. If Aoun dies in office the only thing that will remain of the embarrassment that was Gebran Bassil is that silly taxpayer financed cartoon that he made about what a future Lebanon will look like because of him.

Thumb whyaskwhy 8 months

True enough GMA, even the quizling president has twice now had to step up and openly correct Imbecile on his statements. Its amazing how such an incompetent person as this can be Lebanon's foreign minister...yet it does reflect the public expectations...