Hariri 'Won't Step Down', May Present Technocrat Govt.


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri will not step down and may resort to the option of submitting a “technocrat government” line-up to President Michel Aoun, sources from his movement said.

Hariri “will not step down and will not count on the new allies, who have started to topple the political settlement, nor on his old allies. He will only rely on the Constitution,” Mustaqbal Movement sources told al-Joumhouria newspaper in remarks published Wednesday.

“According to the Constitution, no one can remove him,” the sources added, noting that there is “an attempt to topple the domestic Lebanese settlement and push Hariri to accept a government in which the balance would be tipped in favor of a certain camp.”

Such a government would “drag Lebanon into coordinating with the Syrian regime and breaching the dissociation policy,” the sources warned.

The sources said another objective might be pushing Hariri to “step down from the formation mission so that another figure could be tasked with forming a government.”

The PM-designate “will not bow to any pressure or interference in the formation process and those who reject to take part in a consensus government can join the opposition,” the sources stressed, revealing that Hariri could submit a “technocrat government.”

The sources also pointed out that “some parties, perhaps including the Free Patriotic Movement, are seeking to push him towards a certain step in order to torpedo his mission and name another premier.”

“This is out of the question for him,” the sources emphasized.

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Default-user-icon Rami (Guest) 6 months

WTF, one day he asks for outside help, next day he denies it, now he says he won't step down and the Lebanese population is watching, aren't we all fed up of being fooled around by a bunch of useless, supposedly called politicians who can't even agree in forming a government. Time for a revolution...

Thumb justin 6 months

Could you show us where he asked for outside help? Maybe I missed it.

Missing rabiosa 6 months

Very weak PM designate with a dwindling political power. The solution: do away with the post of PM and have an Executive President and switch to a Presidential system. Turkey just did that.

Thumb justin 6 months

You want to give Aoun or Bassil more powers?

Missing rabiosa 6 months

Absolutely not. The system is broken and not functioning and it's still confessional based. What other suggestion are there? No country on earth after 2 months of parliamentary election has still yet to form a govt.

Thumb whyaskwhy 6 months

And you look at Turkey for democratic inspiration? why not take a step further and suggest using the Iranian or the proven North Korean form of democracy?

What gets me is that people will read a book about Stalin and decide Communism is the way to go....

Missing rabiosa 6 months

I used Turkey as example not because of their "democratic" inspiration. It's the one that came to mind recently.

Thumb whyaskwhy 6 months

Thanks for the response Rabiosa.
Turkey may not be the ideal example as its struggling itself being accused of religious zealotry not to mention its mission in Syria. At any rate I do not see anyone backing down in Lebanon as is traditional in regions politics. We continue to have a divided nation short on direction and leadership and in bad need of change but no one will give up one iota. We have had the same situation occur in the past (at least since Syria left) and without approval from Syria nothing moves forward.... Syria still controls Lebanons faith.