Bassil: Aoun's Tenure an Exceptional Opportunity for Lebanon


Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Jebran Bassil on Wednesday announced that President Michel Aoun's tenure “represents an exceptional opportunity for Lebanon.”

“Baseless media statements, articles and analyses are attributing to the FPM chief plans about the presidential race, including what was published today as part of a campaign whose source and objectives are well-known and whose aim is to undermine General Aoun's presidential tenure,” Bassil said in a statement issued by his press office.

“These campaigns are aimed at undermining and harming the presidential tenure, and therefore the president or the FPM and its head cannot be accused of standing behind them,” Bassil added.

Blaming the alleged “hostile campaigns” on “politicians and journalists whose political identity and intellectual bankruptcy are known,” the FPM chief vowed to continue supporting Aoun's presidency “for the sake of Lebanon and all Lebanese.”

“We believe that President Aoun's tenure represents an exceptional opportunity for Lebanon which will not be repeated,” Bassil went on to say.

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Thumb galaxy 7 months

“We believe that President Aoun's tenure represents an exceptional opportunity for Lebanon which will not be repeated,” Bassil went on to say.

I totally agree with Bassil on that one. I don't think we will have another tenure/president that will have 3 daughters assigned presidential advisors; 2 or 3 MPs relatives of the president; 2 sons in law as MPs; and a son in law as a permanent fixture in every cabinet.

Thumb s.o.s 7 months

The Hariris are no match for the Aoun clan, that’s for sure!

Thumb janoubi 7 months

Bassil's SSNP allies in Syria

ميليشيا حزب لبناني تمثّل بجثة وتعلّقها من بطنها بسورياميليشيا-حزب-لبناني-تمثّل-بجثة-وتعلّقها-من-بطنها-بسوريا.html

Thumb marcus 7 months

I am sure Canada will not stand for these human right abuses and will sanction the Lebanese government.

Thumb justin 7 months

The SSNP is represented in the cabinet! I believe Aoun told us Lebanon has a dissociation policy and does not interfere in regional conflicts.

Thumb roflmfao 7 months

Lebanon president and government's dissociation policy is based on this

Thumb ashtah 7 months

lol yes it was one of those 'exceptional' things that he told us.

Thumb whyaskwhy 7 months

What he means is its an exceptional opportunity to milk Lebanon out of what money is left to bilk!

Thumb eagledawn 7 months

"the_roar: 38 mins ago
Ladies and Gentlemen: Today you have just listened to the future president of Lebanon. Learn people, learn."

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 7 months

The miracle child

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 7 months

Never has Lebanon known or seen a presidential tenure as exceptional as this one, ever!

Thumb tric.portugal 7 months

After the fall of Aoun, Lebanon gonna enter in a War...and the Catholics gonna win !!! the War Catholics vs Envagelics...the Envagelicals like the Jews and Meca defends the extremination of the Last Cristhians Memories/Living Comunities in Great Lebanon...the Cristhians vs the Book of the Envagelicas+Book of the Jews+Book of Meca ...the Book Envagelicals say clear that Jerusálem to the Book of the´s clear in the "Bible" !!! ...The Envagelicals aliance with Torah in the Middle East is for destroying the Cristhians comunities in Lebanon. When Meca knew that the Envagelicals and Torah´s made a aliance to destroy the Cristhians Comunities in Levant ask imidiatly to enter in that "Civilizated" aliance...Mecca offer his soldiers and money imidiatly to the "Civilizated" Aliance....

Thumb roflmfao 7 months

Before this you should try to liberate the capital of Catholicisms in Lebanon from the "Civilized" thugs of Khamenei and his soldiers, money and imported Islamic revolution in Lebanon

Thumb lebanonforever 7 months

hahaha the Title must be some sort of insulting comedy???

"Bassil: Aoun's Tenure an Exceptional Opportunity for Lebanon