Foreign Ministry Denies Refusing Kuwaiti Ambassador Accreditation


Lebanon’s Foreign Ministry denied in a statement on Thursday reports published in al-Akhbar daily claiming it rejected the accreditation of a new Kuwaiti ambassador.

“The ministry categorically rejects al-Akhbar’s reports published on Thursday, August 9 claiming the Lebanese ministry has rejected accreditation of a new ambassador of fraternal Kuwait,” said the statement.

It added: “The State of Kuwait has decided a while ago to extend the term of its current ambassador in Lebanon, Abdul-Al al-Qinai, which is a sovereign right to countries that the Lebanese state has never opposed.”

“Kuwaitis and Lebanese people have historic relations rooted in the Arab conscience and stronger than any attempt to undermine them,” it affirmed.

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Thumb eagledawn 2 years

The foreign Ministry and Al Akhbar newspaper are as credible as when @mowateh aka giga incorruptible says he is not shia and has only one account, or when @southern says he is patriotic, or even worse when @blablablabla says he is French and lives in Harissa.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 2 years

If bassil's privately owned foreign ministry is discrediting reports invented by al akhbar that says a lot about this bankrupt iranian mouthpiece's credibility.

Thumb doodle-dude 2 years

Al Akhbar is the only news media the shia australian billionaire who trots and roars the globe in his private jet and posts from airports while his private jet is refueling.

Thumb s.o.s 2 years

I believe the State of Kuwait more than the Foreign Ministry. The Kuwaitis fear God, the thief in law doesn’t.

Thumb whyaskwhy 2 years

It was Israel who caused this! lets do the SANA/Almanar thing and move on. Not sure why these sensational news cutlets make the headlines here? What is it with Lebanese and conspiracies? why do we tend to believe one hundred lies before 1 truth?

Missing phillipo 2 years

It was Israel who caused this!
What exactly has this to do with Israel? Apart from your warped mind!!

Thumb whyaskwhy 2 years

Phillipo its called foolery and not my warped mind. In Lebanon when the glorious resistance or Syrians cannot explain something they have done they usually blame it on Israel. Its a common thing that SANA or Almanar would do say for example if a bomb goes of etc. My mind could be warped but its a joke that most Lebanese laugh at when they hear it explained by the Syrian or Iranian media....

Thumb sevilla 2 years

إعتبرت مصادر كويتية أن الخارجية اللبنانية ترفض إعتماد السفير الكويتي الجديد وتماطل في إجراءات قبوله مشيرةً إلى أن الخارجية الكويتية أدرجت هذه الخطوة في خانة العلاقات الدبلوماسية بين البلدين بما أن ما قام به باسيل جاء “ردًّا بالمثل” بعد رفض الخارجية الكويتية طلب إعتماد السفير اللبناني الجديد الذي عيّن لأسباب طائفية ومذهبية بحتة، بحسب المصادر.