Israel Renews Threat to Attack Iran Targets in Syria


Israel on Wednesday renewed its threat to attack Iranian military targets in Syria, after Tehran and Damascus signed an accord on security cooperation.

"The accord concluded by (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad and Iran constitutes a test for Israel: Our response will be loud and clear," Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said on Israeli public radio.

"We will not allow Iran to establish itself militarily in Syria," he said.

"We will react in Syria with all our might against any Iranian target that threatens Israel, and if the Syrian army's air defense intervenes against us, it will pay the price."

Iran's military attache to Damascus said Tuesday that his country's military advisers would remain in Syria under the defense agreement signed the previous day.

"Support for Syria's territorial integrity and the independence of Syrian sovereignty were also emphasized in the agreement," Brigadier-General Abolghasem Alinejad said.

Tehran has provided steady political, financial and military backing to Assad as he has fought back against a seven-year uprising.

Israel has sought to avoid direct involvement in the conflict but acknowledges carrying out dozens of air strikes in Syria to stop what it says are deliveries of advanced weaponry to Lebanon's Hizbullah.

It has also pledged to prevent its arch foe Iran from entrenching itself militarily in Syria and a series of strikes that have killed Iranians in Syria have been attributed to Israel.

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Thumb _citizen_ almost 2 years

'patriotic' to Bani Majus

Thumb barrymore almost 2 years

lol you anticipated the iranian troll:)

Thumb Southern......... almost 2 years

Lebanon must join the accord, let the zionists keep barking

Thumb s.o.s almost 2 years

Beware batatatriotric.portugal, last night I smashed 3 mites!

Missing arturo almost 2 years

Iran threatens to annihilate Israel, and Israel gets upset. Most countries — like Lebanon — wouldn’t care if another country threatens to annihilate it.

Thumb whyaskwhy almost 2 years

Batriotic, berhabs its a good time berform a review of the recent bast. Brevious subbort for terror in Syria by the Iranian regime has been addressed by immediate air strikes by the IDF. Converly these same air strikes have brought threats by the bearded goat to bound Israel to a bulb. On one hand you have Israel doing what it says it will do and on the other you have a goat barking...... I see you stand by your brincibles and are barking too.

Thumb eagledawn almost 2 years

And the same shia hypocrite who ignores or cheers for the slaughter of women and children in Syria will cry about the extermination of bearded, armed iranian terrorist mercenaries in Syria.

Thumb whyaskwhy almost 2 years

Dont be too harsh on Hussien Eagledawn, what he knows is what he is being taught at the Hursh Zienab's school of higher education by the great broffessor Ali bu laz'a. This months words are Zionist and last months were Salafist so he joined them together to be on schedule with his class. Next months lessons will expand his vocabulary to include Corruption/Israel etc..or to paraphrase the Baabda school of wisdom...not my fault!

Thumb sevilla almost 2 years

undeniable in your shia iranian mind.

Thumb eagledawn almost 2 years

*Slow clap*
Lol, comes from the guy who feels the need to include the word "salafi" in every single comment.
Every. Single. Comment.

Thumb justin almost 2 years

blablablabla is very active:)