Report: Hizbullah ‘Backs’ Aoun on LF Cabinet Quotas


Hizbullah party, which seems to “keep distance” from the wrangling between political parties over government seats, “supports” President Michel Aoun’s (FPM founder) adamant stance in “blocking” the Lebanese Forces from getting four ministerial seats, Kuwait's As-Siyasah newspaper said on Wednesday.

“Hizbullah, which seems to spare no opportunity in voicing calls for a government lineup, has informed Aoun of its full support for his position regarding the formation process,” and the distribution of Cabinet shares, according to the daily.

"The party stands behind Aoun in depriving the Lebanese Forces from getting four ministerial seats,” it added.

The LF demands to get four seats including a so-called sovereign portfolio which has been indirectly rejected by FPM chief and Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil.

PM-designate Saad was tasked with forming the government on May 24 but his mission has since been delayed because of conflict between political parties mainly the Christian and Druze representation.

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Thumb lubnani.masi7i 7 months

No surprise there.....

Thumb s.o.s 7 months

The time is ripe for a military coup.

Thumb whyaskwhy 7 months

The coup started in 2006 SOS and is being led by Kizballah the country continues to be under Syrian management. No change were just seeing the further loss of the individuals rights in the country.

Thumb s.o.s 7 months

A secular coup.... that would deal with zealots and terrorists of all communities.

Thumb roflmfao 7 months

Hizbullah ‘Backs’ Aoun on LF Cabinet Quotas.. yeah and the Pope is Catholic..

Thumb whyaskwhy 7 months

Unless the pope supports Kizballah then he will be the Ayatollah Ali Jorge Mario Bergoglio 3alayhi al Salam....

Thumb shab 7 months

Filthy murdering militia