Report: Lebanon’s Oil Wealth Under Israeli Threats


Speaker Nabih Berri raised with the French ambassador Bruno Foucher the file of Lebanon’s maritime oil from the perspective of Israel's attempt to explore within the Lebanese sea waters, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Thursday.

Berri had pointed to the “seriousness of this Israeli attack,” stressing that “Lebanon can not accept this, nor abandon its right to its water and oil wealth.” He “rejected attempts to prevent Lebanon from taking advantage of its wealth, as some parties sought to postpone the exploration plan in some blocks, for a year.”

Sources well-informed about the file told the newspaper that «raising this subject with the French ambassador, Berri sought to make the French oil giant company, Total, note Lebanon’s position and the exploration plan submitted and signed by a consortium of France's Total, Italy's Eni and Russia's Novatek,” against the backdrop of an agreement reached earlier to start drilling in 2019.

The daily said Berri has a tendency to keep this file at the forefront of the Lebanese state's concern, and to mobilize support for Lebanon's position in preserving its rights and sovereignty.

In this context, the Lebanese-Israeli-UNIFIL tripartite military meeting held in Naqoura last week emphasized Lebanon's position on its sovereignty over its land, sea water and oil wealth, and rejected Israel's attempts to harm or undermine it.

The position of the Lebanese army was firm in countering any Israeli aggression on these rights, it added.

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Missing ysurais 7 months

All of Leb is under threat, its wealth, land, economy, ect..
But we have been used to hear talk, talk and talk!
Where is z real solution? for sure NOT wz the present politicians!

Missing rami 7 months

He is very much concerned and worried about it, because if we lose it, he won't get his cut from the deal. That's the main reason

Missing un520 7 months

I thing we can safely assume that this is just a smoke-screen to cover up other worrying issues like STL, Syria etc

Thumb janoubi 7 months


Thumb roflmfao 7 months

One rich source of oil and gas wealth that Israel will never ever get it's grubby little hands on is produced almost every Tuesday during the FPM/Strong Lebanon bloc's caucus meetings... unless President Aoun old friend and confident Fayez Karam is invited to rejoin, then all bets are off.