Report: U.S. Threatens to Cut Aid for Lebanese Ministries Allocated for Hizbullah


The U.S. embassy in Beirut has reportedly “intensified threats to cut any US or international assistance for Lebanese ministries allocated for Hizbullah party” in a bid to pressure officials tasked with forming the government, al-Akhbar daily reported on Friday.

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri affimed in a televised interview on Thursday that he “does not mind” allocating the health portfolio in the new government for Hizbullah, noting that the international assistance approved earlier for that ministry “could stop.”

“We don’t mind that Hizbullah gets the Ministry of Health. But let’s be frank. If Hizbullah gets any ministry pledged with loans from the World or any international community, there is a great possibility that these loans come to a halt. We have to be realistic here.”

The latest batch of US sanctions on Hizbullah was against Lebanese businessman and seven companies of his allegedly over funding the party.

The US Treasury Department on Thursday imposed sanctions on Mohammed Abdullah al-Amin and seven companies he owns allegedly for providing financial and technological support for Hizbullah.

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Thumb s.o.s 9 months

Well done Amreeka!

Thumb s.o.s 9 months

Akeed. I think we should emphasize that Trump is the Middle East’s friend.

Thumb eagle_eye 9 months

Hezbollah is evil and a dreadful problem for Lebanon.
Only Israel can destroy Hezbollah. It will at the next conflict.

Thumb eagle_eye 9 months

If you want to stay alive.... don't live in Hezbollah's territory in Lebanon ... move to Christian regions who are pro-Israel. Both Israel and the U.S. will destroy Hezbollah and Iran at the next conflict.