Hariri: Bassil Remarks Not Positive, New Govt. Still Expected within 10 Days


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri noted Tuesday that Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Jebran Bassil's latest remarks on the cabinet formation process “were not positive,” as he pointed out that his announcement that the government would be formed within ten days is still valid.

Bassil has announced at a press conference that every five MPs are entitled to have one minister in the cabinet, a suggestion flatly rejected by the Lebanese Forces.

Chatting with reporters on Tuesday, Hariri hoped the new government will be formed after President Michel Aoun's return from Yerevan, warning that “the economic and social situations require a speedy formation.”

And revealing that “there are concessions from everyone, including the FPM,” the PM-designate reassured that “all obstacles will be resolved.”

“The government will be formed within ten days, as I have announced, and should I step down, I will not accept to be re-designated,” Hariri added.

He also noted that his optimism during his Thursday interview was based on his latest meeting with Aoun, reiterating anew that he is committed to a “national accord government.”

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'patriotic' southern......... to Bani Majus

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You made a deal with the fpm to get their kharfan elected and now you are crying foul.

LF made a secret deal to get x number of shares in government ministries, they are crying foul.

Lessons learned: don't make a deal with Syrian/Iranian agents like the fpm