LF, FPM Students Clash at USJ's Huvelin Campus


Students from the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement engaged in a brawl Wednesday at the Saint Joseph University in Beirut.

The National News Agency said the clash erupted inside USJ's Huvelin Campus.

“The university's administration intervened and asked students to leave the campus but the clash continued as students charged against each other,” NNA said.

“Security forces arrived on the scene and separated the quarrelers, asking them to maintain calm and avoid violence,” the agency added.

The clash however renewed at 4:00 pm, it said.

TV networks said the brawl erupted over a poster of slain president-elect and LF founder Bashir Gemayel.

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Missing ysurais 7 months

ya haram, so sad about Leb people who have not learned anything from the past...do not let others manipulate u anymore..

Thumb roflmfao 7 months

Ladies and gentlemen I give you.. tada!.. the leaders of the future..