Private Generator Owners Announce Two-Hour Temporary Shutdown


Private generator owners announced a two-hour shutdown on Tuesday in protest to what they called “campaigns against them.”

They said during a press conference that generators will be shutdown between 5:00 and 7:00 PM in protest to “unfair pricing” set by the Energy Ministry.

In a bid to organize the already illegal sector, the Ministry had instructed them to install meters to charge subscribers based on electricity usage.

“We demand the Ministry of Energy to develop a clear scientific study of the kilowatt and announce it to the public,” they said.

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Missing servant-of-jesus 6 months

I stopped my generator subscription.
I refuse the mafia.

Thumb whyaskwhy 6 months

Exact;y Rabiosa, they have become so powerful that the government cannot and will not oppose them. It reminds us of the private phone centrals that sprung up during the civil war. They made thousands if not millions now the same principle has been in place for 30 years by the generator owners. What a nation and what leadership Orange has shown their true colors....the most corrupt government ever!

Missing rabiosa 6 months

Naharnet please explain yourselves. I posted a comment yesterday and it show, but now it's gone. Are you into censorship now if you don't like a particular comment?