Jreissati Warns Generator Providers against 'Rebelling against State'


Caretaker Justice Minister Salim Jreissati on Wednesday issued a stern warning to neighborhood power generator providers, telling them that authorities would “confiscate” their generators should they stage another cut-off protest.

“We will confront the attempts to bend the state’s arm through the force of the law,” said Jreissati at a joint press conference with caretaker Economy Minister Raed Khoury.

“What happened yesterday was a rebellion against the state’s authority and an encroachment on the rights of citizens,” Jreissati added.

“There is a mafia controlling this sector and I call on municipalities to fine the violators,” the minister went on to say.

Providers had switched off their generators for two hours on Tuesday, plunging most Lebanese regions into darkness, to protest perceived maltreatment at the hands of authorities and security forces.

Authorities have been trying to implement a decree obliging providers to install meters for their subscribers amid an uproar over new tariffs and alleged technical difficulties.

“There is an attempt to undermine the state’s image and this will not happen during this presidential tenure. The state is stronger than everyone,” Jreissati added.

“We will escalate our measures under the applicable laws against generator owners who have not complied,” he warned.

“The measures could reach the extent of confiscating the generators,” he cautioned.

Jreissati also noted that the judiciary had already launched proceedings against providers who took part in Tuesday’s cut-off.

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Thumb marcus 6 months

You shameless @POS! Provide the people with the basic services instead of letting them being held hostage by a mafia of thugs.

Thumb whyaskwhy 6 months

Exactly Marcus, if this government was not so dilapidated they would be looking at ways to provide the people with basics such as Electricity, clean water and sewage/garbage services. Jubran and Orange in one manner shape or form have been responsible for the energy ministry for how many years now? And this is all they are capable of saying...? we warn the neighborhood power generators?? Thats his solution? what a joke this government truly is. The people of all walks of life in Lebanon including agent orange supporters are seeing how corrupt and senile this thinking is. I would like to see Jursati go into el Shi7a7 and threaten one of the many local generator provided services there!! he would get raped to death.

Thumb natour 6 months

Jreissati, Ferzli, two of Emil lahoud's leftovers and Bou Saab, on loan from SSNP are Aoun's Syrian regime trifecta in fulfilling the deal that allowed him to come back back from exile without the danger of prosecution for embezzlement.