Jumblat: Iran Hampering Govt. Formation, Assad Seeks to Revenge on Lebanon


Progressive Socialist Party leader, former MP Walid Jumblat held Hizbullah and Iran responsible for the government formation delay by “inventing” the so-called Sunni obstacle,” as he refused all means to naturalize ties with the Syrian regime which he said “seeks revenge against its opponents in Lebanon.”

In an interview with al-Joumhouria daily on Friday, Jumblat said: “Lebanon is currently paying the price of double punishment, the American and Iranian, after it has become stuck on the international-regional line between Washington and Tehran.”

“Obstructing the government formation by fabricating the Sunni obstacle, comes in the context of the reactions of Iran and Hizbullah to the recent US sanctions. Therefore, the process of forming the government has become part of the US-Iranian conflict,” said Jumblat.

“US sanctions on Hizbullah will target innocent people and institutions, which we reject. If some believe that assigning John Bolton, the US National Security Adviser, is a joke, then he is unaware of the seriousness of the matter,” he emphasized.

However, Jumblatt added: “We should not break the bridges of cooperation with Washington, because there are vital interests we have to take into account,” he said, rejecting any bid to provide the Lebanese army with non-American weapons.

“In the framework of its confrontation with the US, Iran is punishing Lebanon by delaying the formation,” stated Jumblat, however he raised concerns that shall the current crisis continue, “it will lead to an economic disaster and the deterioration of the lira because it is not simple that the debt of a small country like Lebanon has already reached 100 billion dollars.”

He warned saying “everybody is going to pay the price in case of an economic deterioration. Does Hizbullah think economic collapse will stop at the doors of Dahiyeh?” he asked.

On the Sunni obstacle the PSP leader urged Hizbullah to “have an understanding of the delicate domestic situation and drop demands for the representation of Sunni MPs (of March 8 camp) in the government.”

On his “strained” ties with the Syrian regime, he said: “I will not conclude my political life with more settlements. We made a settlement after the martyrdom of chief Kamal Jumblat (his father), and after the martyrdom of former PM Rafik Hariri. I believe that is enough.”

“Let me die in dignity without getting involved in more humiliating settlements which only destroy my national heritage and the heritage of Kamal Jumblat. I will not change my tone against the regime. Let someone else do,” he stated.

The PSP leader accused Syrian President Bashar Assad of seeking revenge against those who opposed him in Lebanon.

“Bashar will not leave Lebanon and will not forget it. The Syrian wants to come back and revenge against the remnants of March 14 camp, the only one left is Fares Souaid.”

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Thumb s.o.s over 1 year

Iran’s economy is going down the drain and it’s taking Lebanon to hell with it. That’s one of the few cards they hold and theyr using it. As for the pro Syrian MPs, they should move to Syria if they love it so much. Should hariri give into their demands, hizbala will make another last minute sabotage request.

Missing ysurais over 1 year

“Obstructing the government formation by fabricating the Sunni obstacle, ..."
Man come on the tonite show featuring Hasabala rock band is only for entertaining, it does not cause obstacles.. lol

Thumb libanaisresilient over 1 year

Look at the ugliest politician still alive in the planet! Everytime I see a photo of this individual, I have nightmares! Seriously.

Thumb physiatrist over 1 year

Can't you read. I get nightmares looking at his mustaches, they look like your mom's. Terrifying! Seriously. And he's not my beloved anything but it looks like you are sweet on his son. Do you like his son. Is his son your beloved. Are you masturbating right now thinking about his son? YOU ARE? That's disgusting.

Thumb libanaisresilient over 1 year

It's really entertaining to see the publicity media manager of these ignorant Politicians using social media (Twitter specifically) to fake intellectual status for these Guys! And the most funny part is that people do believe that it's their words there!! Lol...

Thumb physiatrist over 1 year

You though you were alone in fooling people into believing that your words are yours?

Thumb libanaisresilient over 1 year

Take a look at the dictionary, There's something really wrong with your alias @physiatrist Lol... Have you learned English at Jumbo's school in the mountains? Lol... priceless!

Thumb libanaisresilient over 1 year

The Lebanese Einstein! Lol...

Thumb physiatrist over 1 year

Einstein was a genius. I'm sorry that it bothers someone like you. Lust and envy are cardinal sins. Jesus will not like that.

Thumb libanaisresilient over 1 year

Yes He was! Probably that's the reason why the social media manager of your beloved Jumbo plays "Einstein" character on Twitter! Lol...

Thumb whyaskwhy over 1 year

Its good that he notes that Syria is still controlling Lebanon. I would not be too surprised if Kizballah and Syria dont bump him off. If Only Clown was to have done the same thing when he first came to power would we not have a lot less captives in Syria that were imprisoned there because of him in the first place?

Thumb libanaisresilient over 1 year

Now they try to sell it to Russia too! Total lack of dignity.