Djokovic Wins Australian Open Title

Novak Djokovic's commanding Australian Open win over Andy Murray broke the Federer-Nadal Grand Slam monopoly and heralds a new era for men's tennis, Australian media said Monday.

The Serbian world number three dominated Sunday's three-set clash with a display described as "crushing" by the local press.

"Novak Djovokic's status as a grand slam powerhouse is no longer in question after a blistering Australian Open victory last night," Sydney's Daily Telegraph tabloid said of the "King Djoker".

"The Serb trounced Murray with a swashbuckling display to confirm his standing as heir apparent to Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer."

The Australian newspaper said it capped a "stunning" Open campaign for "Ace in (the) Pack" Djokovic, who led his country to its maiden Davis Cup victory just last month.

"He still sits some way behind Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer on rankings but there can now be no denying his championship credentials," the paper said.

The Sydney Morning Herald said Djokovic's was the "victory of a man who now has the armory to fulfill his ambitious battle plan," of challenging Nadal and Federer's dominance.

"And then there was three?" the Herald asked.

"With a crushing Australian Open win over Andy Murray last night Novak Djokovic not only broke the Nadal-Federer stranglehold on the game's major trophies, the 23-year-old Serbian made a compelling case to be admitted to their elite company."

Some commentators questioned whether the perennially vanquished Murray had the mettle to take a Grand Slam title in the face of so much British expectation.

"After last year's final, Murray cried. This year, he was too sad for that." said Melbourne newspaper The Age.

"So the UK still has not had a major championship winner for 75 years. Perhaps it was as well.

"After the Ashes, it would have been too much for Australia's self-esteem if after all these years of yearning for a native to win the Australian championship, a Brit had trumped in."