Foreign Ministry to File U.N. Complaint against Israel


Caretaker Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil on Wednesday instructed ministry officials to prepare a U.N. Security Council complaint against Israel over its repeated violation of Lebanese sovereignty.

Bassil said Israel carries out around 150 violations every month.

The minister’s move comes a day after Israel said it started an operation to destroy suspected Hizbullah tunnels on Lebanon’s border.

Israel also launched a balloon carrying surveillance cameras on Wednesday towards the Lebanese border town of Mays al-Jabal.

Israeli warplanes and drones meanwhile violate Lebanese airspace on near-daily basis while maritime and territorial violations are also frequent.

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Thumb s.o.s over 1 year

If this Iranian agent could die, Lebanon would become a better place. He’s a clown like his daddy In Law, and he contributes to making Lebanon look like a circus.

Missing phillipo over 1 year

So how about Israel demanding a debate on the Lebanese violating Resolution 1701 by allowing Hizballah forces and weapons south of the Litani River.