Netanyahu: Israel May Have to Operate in Lebanon


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that there is “reasonable possibility” Israel will have to “operate in Lebanon” to neutralize Hizbullah's alleged “attack tunnels.”

"We are denying our enemies the tunnels weapon in a systematic, determined manner and we will do whatever it takes," Netanyahu told 25 foreign ambassadors at a briefing near Lebanon’s border.

"This operation is just the beginning, but when it ends, the tunnel weapon Hizbullah invested in will no longer be effective," he added.

"Anyone who attacks us, his blood will be on his own head. Hizbullah and Hamas know this," Netanyahu added.

"I told the ambassadors they must unequivocally condemn the aggression and increase the sanctions against these elements (Hizbullah and Hamas)," he told reporters afterwards.

Netanyahu also said Israel plans to demand a response from the international community at a meeting of the U.N. Security Council called for by Israel.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu told U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres that "he expects the U.N. to strongly condemn the violation of Israel's sovereignty", according to his office's Twitter account.

A senior Israeli intelligence official meanwhile explained Netanyahu decided to tour the operation's area with the ambassadors "to create diplomatic legitimization for further action down the road -- if and when we need it."

"We're trying to de-legitimize Hizbullah," he explained. "They infiltrated our territory. We're convening the Security Council at the end of the week or early next week, and we'll start applying the same pressure we put on Hamas -- not just against the tunnels, but also to make it clear this is a terror organization that is here to kill civilians."

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Thumb doodle-dude 11 months

lol@the 'catholic shia':)

Thumb doodle-dude 11 months


Thumb tric.portugal 11 months

expantion of Israel and extremination of the cristhianity in Levant is the oficial politic of Washington...only a blind do not see that!!!yes, when a Jew say that they are friends of the cristhians they want to say, that a good cristhian is cristhian dead...Israel and Meca have the same view about Lebanon!! destroy the last cristhian political power in the region!!!

Thumb abe_Lincolnstein 11 months

expantion of Israel and extremination of the cristhianity

Thumb abe_Lincolnstein 11 months

big oportunity to atack the cristhians!!!

Thumb s.o.s 11 months

You bore us blablabla.portugal.from.Dahye

Thumb justin 11 months

Whose ports were under siege? Whose airport was bombed and shut down? Israel or Lebanon?

If that's victory then I don't know what defeat is!!!

Missing phillipo 11 months

"the Jews are the killers of cristhians in Levant"
Learn to spell - Christians
Is that why the Christians in Israel, are the only community in the whole of the Middle East that is thriving and increasing in numbers?, and living in complete religious freedom?

Missing bigjohn 11 months

There are hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Christians waiting to return to Palestine when Apartheid is erased.

Missing phillipo 11 months

chrisrushlasu.......Israel was defeated last time it attacked Hezbullah.
Is that why Nassrallah has been hiding in his bunker for the last 12 years?

Thumb chrisrushlau 11 months

160 IDF killed in action.

Thumb s.o.s 11 months

How many Lebanese civilians died ? Over one thousand and hundreds of terrorists dead.

Missing hajjradwan 11 months

@chrisrushlau stick to the facts
IDF: 121 killed. Civilians Dead: 46 at least 19 of them were Arabs

Hezbollah killed 500. Civilians Dead: 700

Hassan Nasrallah said in a interview with Lebanon's New TV station that he would not have ordered the July 11 2006 cross border operation if he had known it would lead to such a war. He's either an idiot, a liar or receive orders firm Iran he could not refuse. On June 28 2006 Israel launched a war on Gaza after Hamas killed two soldiers and kidnapped one. The war on Gaza was still on when Hezballah launched the cross-border raid killing 8 soldiers and capturing 2. But Nasrallah still wants you to believe that he didn't know what he was doing will a war. He knows how gullible you are.

Missing bigjohn 11 months

where did you get that Hezbolah lost 500? I think you are using alternative facts.

Thumb warrior 11 months

your terrorists don't die; they are men of the mahdi

Missing cimitero 11 months

500 is the official lebanese and un figure.

Missing bigjohn 11 months

The Lebanese government and the UN NEVER gave casualties of HA fighters. Please send me a link LIAR

Missing cimitero 11 months

the only LIAR is hassan nasrallah when he promised the Lebanese during the last leaders meeting before the war a calm summer. and when he claimed that he didn't know that the cross border operation would leads to war even though gaza was being destroyed for a lesser operation from hammas. instead of lashing out like a spoiled child you could have looked it up yourself.

Thumb warrior 11 months


it does not seem you have been talking to the locals lately.

Missing bigjohn 11 months

PLEASE name me one local?????????? who do they support? the dead Antwan lahd.

Missing bigjohn 11 months

Please Shimon name me one collaborator working for you? The lebanese would LOVE to welcome him with a rope around his neck.