UNIFIL Confirms 'Existence of a Tunnel' in Northern Israel


UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Stefano Del Col, along with a technical team, on Thursday visited a location near Metulla in northern Israel where the Israeli army “has discovered a tunnel close to the Blue Line,” the U.N. force said in a statement.

“Based on the site inspection, UNIFIL can confirm the existence of a tunnel at the location,” the force added.

Accordingly, UNIFIL is now engaged with the parties to “pursue urgent follow-up action,” it said, adding that it is very important to determine the full picture of this “serious occurrence.”

“UNIFIL will communicate its preliminary findings to the appropriate authorities in Lebanon,” it said.

Israel had said Tuesday that it started an operation to destroy alleged Hizbullah tunnels on the Lebanese border.

An Israeli army spokesman has said the "attack tunnels" were not yet operational.

He declined to say how many had been detected or how they would be destroyed, but stressed all activities would take place within Israeli territory.

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Missing arturo 6 months

Berri and Aoun: Uh ohhh!

Thumb s.o.s 6 months

I guess it’s time to punish the Shia terrorists. A good start would be an Iranian regime change , this would be Hizbala’s demise.

Thumb libanaisresilient 5 months

Dream on

Thumb shab 6 months

Filthy murdering militia

Thumb tric.portugal 6 months

was build by the Isrealis to enter in Lebanon!!!

Thumb tric.portugal 6 months

why Israelis are using Tunnels to enter in Lebanon!!!??? S.O.S....Save the Civilization in Lebanon...S.O.S.....Save the Cristhianity in Lebaon...S.O.S...The Whaabis are in progression in the Mediterraen...Torahs are in progression in the Mediterraen.....Sheas are in progretion in the Mediterraen....only the Cristhianity are in the final regression...

Thumb libanaisresilient 5 months

Good one! Lol... I see you're smarter than everyone! You found out the logics of the tunnels issue @tric.portugal Israel did it! For sure.

Thumb libanaisresilient 5 months

Lol... yes it makes sense to me

Thumb thepatriot 6 months

southy, tric, Mastica, and all the other retards... thank you for the entertainment...

Missing bigjohn 5 months

Stupid Christ killer

Thumb warrior 6 months

Oh No!
Hezbollah is lying again.....

Default-user-icon phillipo (Guest) 6 months

Israel does not occupy one single millimeter of Lebanese territory. The UN, all other international organisations, and all responsiblew people around the world agree with this and it only you and your terrorist friends who claim otherwise.

Missing ysurais 5 months

"UNIFIL can confirm the existence of a tunnel"
...will communicate its preliminary findings to the appropriate authorities in Lebanon"

really ? does Leb has any app authority? Leb is in coma as far as we know. ok we have hasabala rock band lead by zaza gabor victory of ghost but that is it folks...

Thumb shab 5 months


Thumb s.o.s 5 months

It would be funny if it weren’t true, Lebanon is absolutely in a vegetative state rotting inside out.

Missing bigjohn 5 months

Lebanon is ONE MILLION times better than ISRAEL so choke on your Kosher food.

Missing bigjohn 5 months

The enemy is violating our airspace, we will be under them in apartheid occupied Palestine blowing them to pieces when necessary.