Mustaqbal, PSP, LF ‘Won’t Join Govt. Not Led by Hariri,’ Mahfoud Says


In light of reports claiming the President would replace the Premier if he rejects a 32-minister government proposal, head of the Change Movement Elie Mahfoud warned on Friday that al-Mustaqbal Movement, the Progressive Socialist Party and the Lebanese Forces “would not take part in a government not led by PM-designate Saad Hariri.”

“Moving the government crisis into Hariri’s arena to make him look responsible for the obstacle has been a relentless endeavor (by many) since his designation. Hizbullah spares no opportunity to doubt the man’s efforts,” said Mahfoud in tweets.

Referring to a “series of obstacles” placed in front of Hariri’s mission to lineup the cabinet, he added: “The crisis did not start with pro-Hizbullah Sunni MPs, and it will definitely not end with him embracing the Chouf (Jahliyeh) incident.”

“Harassing Hariri to push him out will not resolve the crisis,” said Mahfoud.

“Al-Mustaqbal Movement will not participate in a government not led by Hariri which will leave the Sunni majority outside the government structure,” he stated, adding the “Lebanese Forces and the PSP, are likely to halt participation without their historical ally.”

On Thursday, President Michel Aoun’s visitors quoted him as saying that should Hariri reject a 32-minister proposal then his replacement will be ready to be tasked with forming the new government.

An obstacle related to the representation of pro-Hizbullah Sunni MPs has been delaying the formation of the new cabinet for several weeks now after the so-called Christian and Druze hurdles were resolved.

The parties are currently mulling a new proposal under which a 32-minister government would be formed instead of one comprising thirty members. This would give Hariri a Alawite seat in return for him giving up a Sunni seat to the pro-Hizbullah MPs.

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Thumb s.o.s 5 months

Hariri or no Hariri as long as Hizbala/Amal or FPM are in the gov Lebanon will be doomed. They have proven over the years to do nothing for the country and only help themselves.

Missing phillipo 5 months

As I've said before 12 non-political experts in their fields should be formed by Hariri to become the government.

Thumb libanaisresilient 5 months

I see, And you would probably apply to be one of them right? If technocrats are so great, why they don't work to make money by using them talents? Why dreaming on putting them hands on tax payers resources??

Thumb libanaisresilient 5 months

@phillipo pls let us know the great achievements these technocrats have made to improve their own business! Because I only see a bunch of underpaid nobodies working to improve the fortunes of Lebanese politicians clans!

Thumb libanaisresilient 5 months

The chairman of the Chamber is a classical example of useless technocrats, the man did nothing to improve the Chamber's resources, on the other hand he has directed many business opportunities to companies owned by Hariri and co., he is a fake businessman with absolutely no successful records in private Companies owned by himself! The man lives in the shadow of his father's achievements like Hariri himself! He receives salary from the chamber, a mere paid employee. Yet he would be the first to try a chair in this technocrat gov. that you suggest! His performance would be nothing different than what he has done in the past decade for that chamber! Ask Chamber's employees, they will tell you how effective the chairman is

Thumb libanaisresilient 5 months

The only quality a technocrat must have to join a gov. is to pledge allegiance to his bosses, nothing else. Wake up @phillipo this is not a fairy tale

Thumb libanaisresilient 5 months

Only in your dreams they would appoint graduate individuals out of them circles, they would only consider their own subservient lackeys! Don't be stupid. Technocrat or not, same bosses profit. Nothing change.