Berri Prefers 'Postponement' of Arab Economic Summit until Govt. is Formed


MP Ali Bazzi told reporters on Wednesday that Speaker Nabih Berri prefers the postponement of the imminent Arab economic summit in Beirut until the new government is formed, the National News Agency reported.

Bazzi’s remarks came after Wednesday’s weekly meeting between Berri and lawmakers, said NNA.

Quoting Berri, the MP said that the government formation was still “in-limbo.”

The Arab Economic summit is scheduled to take place in Beirut on January 19-20.

Lebanon is still incapable of forming a cabinet since the designation of its PM Saad Hariri in May 24, 2018.

Political differences between Lebanon’s political parties over quotas and ministerial shares have delayed the formation.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 6 months

This summit will undoubtedly rock our world.... Nothing will change with or without the summit. The Arabs are incapable of making changes in their world and will continue to be dependent on others. Any funds donated during this summit will be misappropriated by the current Syrian regime in Lebanon and the Arabs are weary of that.