Aoun Meets Hariri as Defense Council Tackles Israeli Violations


President Michel Aoun held talks Thursday with Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri ahead of an emergency meeting for the country’s Higher Defense Council.

A statement issued after the Council's meeting said discussions focused on “the developments on the southern border, especially the construction works that the Israeli enemy is carrying out to build a separation wall on disputed points along the Blue Line near the Misgav Am settlement.”

“The development is an attack on Lebanese territory and a blatant violation of Article 5 of Security Council Resolution 1701,” the statement added.

The Council also decided to request an emergency meeting for the tripartite committee that comprises the UNIFIL peacekeeping force and the Lebanese and Israeli armies and to give “the necessary instructions to the Army Command on how to confront this aggression”

“Lebanon stresses its adherence to every inch of its land and waters and its permanent readiness to continue the course of negotiations to resolve the ongoing border disputes, while asking the Security Council and the UNIFIL peacekeeping force to fully shoulder their responsibilities in implementing Resolution 1701 and preserving security on the border,” the statement added.

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Thumb ___flamethrower___ 5 months

Best president-prime minister combo with chilly sauce and curly fries, ever!

Thumb liberty 5 months

what a useless pair!

Missing arturo 5 months

How are they going to explain the tunnels they dug into Israel?

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Another meaningless meeting by two irrelevant dweebs.