Israel Says it Hit Iranian Military Sites in Syria; 11 Dead


Israeli jets struck a series of Iranian military targets in Syria early on Monday, the military said in a rare departure from its years-long policy of ambiguity regarding activities in neighboring war-torn Syria.

The military said the targets included munition storage facilities, an intelligence site and a military training camp. The strikes were in response to a surface-to-surface rocket that Iranian forces fired toward Israel on Sunday that was intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system over a ski resort in the Golan Heights. That followed a rare Israeli daylight air raid near the Damascus International Airport.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Monday's strikes lasted for nearly an hour and were the most intense Israeli attacks since May. It said 11 were killed in the strikes. The Russian military said four Syrian troops were among those killed. There were no further details on the casualties or their nationalities.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli military spokesman, said the Iranian missile attack that prompted the strong Israeli response was "premeditated." Iranian forces in Syria fired the mid-range surface-to-surface missile toward Israel from the Damascus area — a missile that had been smuggled into Syria specifically for that purpose, he said. Conricus declined to further identify the type of missile, but said it hadn't been used in any of the internal fighting of the civil war and had "no business" being in Syria.

Israel only recently acknowledged carrying out hundreds of strikes in Syria in recent years. It previously typically offered only general warnings against allowing Iran to establish a military foothold in Syria and refrained from commenting directly for fear of triggering a reaction and being drawn into the deadly fighting.

Monday's announcement went a step further, reporting the strikes in real time and detailing the targets.

Conricus would not confirm whether the measures marked an official abandonment of the policy of ambiguity, merely saying that it was a "retaliatory strike against active aggression by Iran."

He said Israel had sent warnings to Syria ahead of the attack to refrain from attacking Israeli warplanes, but that Syria ignored those warnings and fired anti-aircraft missiles. He said Israel responded by destroying Syrian anti-aircraft batteries. The Russian military said that the Syrian air defenses shot down over 30 Israeli cruise missiles, a claim that was doubted in Israel.

The military said the Mount Hermon ski site has been closed.

Israel holds Syria responsible for allowing the Iranian forces to use Syrian territory as a base of operations against Israel. "Syria yesterday paid the price for allowing Iran to conduct attacks and to plan attacks from its soil," he said.

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Thumb marcus over 1 year

"It said the missiles hit apparent Iranian and Hezbollah arms depots."

Good Riddance and well done.

Missing patriot10 over 1 year

Iran and hezbollah will now definitely liberate quds. The first 300 attacks was okey, but now it's personal.

Thumb eagledawn over 1 year

Making the World a Better Place
11 Dead Shia Terrorists at a Time

Thumb warrior over 1 year

I am sure they died with 'happiness'!

Thumb s.o.s over 1 year

can't wait for the brave iranians to retaliate so they get spanked again!

Missing un520 over 1 year

Lets hope there were some Hezbollah in there as well. Like Billy the Kid says when they asked how many he had killed: "Indians and Mexicans does not count". Well, to me Iranians doesnt count. Hezbollah-members though....

Thumb justin over 1 year

إيران تهدد بمحو إسرائيل ونتنياهو يتوعّدها

هدد قائد القوات الجوية الإيرانية عزيز نصير زاده، الإثنين، بـ”محو إسرائيل من على وجه الأرض”، بحسب ما نقلت وكالة “نادي المراسلين الشباب للأنباء”، التي يشرف عليها التلفزيون الإيراني الرسمي. وقال زاده: “الشباب في القوات الجوية ينتظرون بفارغ الصبر مواجهة النظام الصهيوني ومحوه من على وجه الأرض”.

Thumb doodle-dude over 1 year

lol@S-4 Khundred

Thumb whyaskwhy over 1 year

I am sure the bearded goat will respond with another threat to demolish Israel...if Israel hits them one more time! loooool. In reality its a small price hes prepared to pay after all its only the life of sheep hes willing to give up for the sake of his Imam looool

Thumb scorpyonn over 1 year

Hallelujah! It's about time. I hope Tehran is destroyed next.

Thumb s.o.s over 1 year

All in due time!