March 14 Tasks Geagea to Negotiate with Miqati, 2 Men Hold Meeting in Verdun


Premier-designate Najib Miqati reportedly held two-hour talks with Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea at his residence in Verdun on Monday night.

An Nahar daily said Tuesday that Geagea also stayed for dinner. The LF leader reportedly told the prime minister-designate that he was mandated by the March 14 forces to negotiate with him.

Geagea reiterated to Miqati the March 14’s stance from the international tribunal and illegitimate arms in the country and explained to him how the weapons are affecting politics, the newspaper said.

The premier-designate, in his turn, told Geagea that he accepted his nomination in order to unify various viewpoints on such issues, An Nahar added.

According to the daily, the LF leader also reminded Miqati that the national dialogue had unanimously adopted a stance from the tribunal and illegitimate arms.

Caretaker Education Minister Hassan Mneimneh confirmed to Voice of Lebanon radio station on Monday that Geagea had been tasked to hold talks with Miqati to make clear the March 14 forces’ demands on the tribunal and arms.

“Geagea represents the March 14 forces and is negotiating on their behalf at this stage,” Mneimneh said.