Two Men Face Death over Gavin Ford's Murder


A Lebanese prosecutor requested a death sentence Tuesday against two Syrian men accused of the November murder of a British radio host, the National News Agency reported.

The pair, both in their twenties, were charged with the premeditated murder of Gavin Ford, a British national who had been a popular radio host in Lebanon for years.

According to the Lebanese security forces, the two men have confessed to killing him.

Ford, who was 53, was buried in Lebanon.

The indictment says one of the young men used to frequent Ford's house with a number of young men, mostly Syrians, with the aim of “carrying out sexual acts in return for money.”

“He asked the second defendant, who did not know the victim, to accompany him for that purpose, but the latter managed to convince the former to carry out a robbery of Ford's house,” the indictment added.

“According to investigations, the second defendant entered the victim's house alone and as they were present in the bedroom, he hit him on the face before strangling him with a cloth band and placing a cover on his face which resulted in his death,” the indictment says.

“He then stole two cellphones belonging to the victim as well as a checkbook, personal papers and the key of the car, in which he traveled with the first defendant from Brummana to the Sin el-Fil-al-Nahr road area, where they tried to sell it to a man for $1,000,” the indictment adds.

“The man refused the offer, which prompted them to park it in the aforementioned area and go into hiding,” the indictment says.

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Thumb s.o.s 6 months

What about the Shia brains of the operation? They’re not even arrested !

Thumb blablablablabla 6 months

They are sunnis / syrians like you that was raping christians girls claiming they were your GF... Very Daeshit attitude coming from you ...

Thumb whyaskwhy 6 months

It would be nice if we had a story here to understand what prempted this murder Naharnet. I am a fan of Naharnet's reporting and although I think its important to know about some of the other international news such as Sala or elections in Mawi should we not be focused on the local Lebanese news? Especially since the government is formed and a lot of things such as the Iranian take over of the nation is ongoing?