Aoun Deplores International Community’s Stance on Refugees


President Michel Aoun on Friday lamented the "insistence" of the international community to link the return of refugees to a political solution in Syria, following the Brussels conference on the issue.

“We are working with international bodies for a safe return of refugees to safe areas in Syria, but we are faced with the insistence of the international community to give priority to a political solution,” said Aoun.

The President’s remarks came in Baabda while receiving a delegation of European parliamentarians from the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, led by the party’s chairman, Roberto Fiore.

“It is necessary to help refugees in their country in order to encourage them to return home,” stressed Aoun.

For his part, Fiore expressed “concern about the refugee problem,” saying “it is time for everyone, especially European countries, to find a solution.”

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Thumb justice 2 months

How about deploring the Syrian regime's stances on the return of their own people ya 'Strong' president?

Thumb Puppet 2 months

You ask me : "Puppet, do you respect general Aoun who is now president and Imam?"
I Answer : "I sure do"

You Ask me : "Puppet, why do you respect general Aoun who is now president and Imam?"
I Answer: " I dunno, I just do"

Thumb s.o.s 2 months

I vote Puppet for President. Let us know when we can start the campaign to overthrow the mummy occupying Baabda.

Thumb doodle-dude 2 months

lol @ shia christian westerner with triple nationality

Thumb galaxy 2 months

So he goes begging and then he deplores their stances....

Thumb marcus 2 months

the @POS is absolutely correct. The Europeans have deployed thousands of ground troops on Lebanon's eastern border with Syria and are patrolling the border 24/7. They arrest any syrian refugee trying to return to his country while the regime of assad welcomes him with open arms.

Thumb whyaskwhy 2 months

Ah the little munchkin is not happy? He can always call Daddy in Damascus and pledge some of his own families millions to help the aid of the refugees he is so lovingly concerned about. the father of all is upset probably due to the "take" being so low and that effects his split from it.

Thumb barrymore 2 months

a giant of a statement from a midget of a man

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 2 months

Beware the Ides of March

Thumb s.o.s 2 months

Guys,I have a serious question.

My friend expatriated himself recently to Morocco has a Visa debit card from a Lebanese bank homonym of a German car maker.. It appears his card has been cloned and important sums of money withdrawn over the past weeks (somewhere close to $20K ) . The dude is in deep trouble, will the bank refund him? Are people's card insured as it is in many countries across the world or Lebanon being a 3rd world country will deny him that?

Thumb justin 2 months

خرج الخلاف بين رئيس المجلس الأعلى للجمارك العميد أسعد الطفيلي والمدير العام بدري ضاهر إلى العلن، فقد أعلن الطفيلي في مقابلة عبر “mtv” ان على الجمارك السلام، فبدري ضاهر ليس رأس الإدارة، بل ميراي عون (وهي مستشارة رئيس الجمهورية).

وأعلن انه يقبل عرض “سكانر” إذا جاء عن طريق المناقصات.

Thumb galaxy 2 months

but the strong president is fighting corruption?