Geagea: New Majority is Syria and Hizbullah, Miqati Didn’t Make Real Proposal on Cabinet Structure


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said Tuesday that he conveyed to PM-designate Najib Miqati March 14 alliance’s fears of the new majority that he dubbed as Syria and Hizbullah.

Geagea told reporters in Maarab that he informed Miqati during a meeting they held at the PM-designate’s residence in Verdun on Monday that the March 14 forces had no problem with him as a person.

“The new majority will be behind the formation of the new government. I honestly told him that this majority according to us is Syria, Hizbullah and the era of hegemony,” the LF leader said.

The March 14 forces had tasked Geagea with negotiating with Miqati. The LF leader said that the PM-designate didn’t make a real proposal on the structure of the future government.

He reiterated that the March 14’s participation in the cabinet should be collective. “If our demands are not met, we won’t participate in the government.”

“There should be a clear vision on how to get rid of illegitimate weapons,” he told reporters. “Even if the arms are in depots, they are affecting political life and spoiling it.”

The March 14 alliance had conditioned its participation on Miqati’s commitment to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and the disarmament of all parties, in reference to Hizbullah and Palestinian arms.

Geagea said he would give Miqati some time to think over the proposals made by him and by Phalange party leader Amin Gemayel, another March 14 official, who has held at least two meetings with the prime minister-designate in the past three days.

An Nahar daily said Tuesday that the Geagea-Miqati meeting on Monday lasted two hours and the LF leader stayed over for dinner.