Jumblat Mourns His Dog in Sentimental Tweet


Progressive Socialist Party chief ex-MP Walid Jumblat on Firday mourned the death of his cherished dog Oscar, describing the late pet as a dear “friend” and “companion.”

“Farewell most precious friend, farewell most precious companion, farewell my dear,” Jumblat tweeted, attaching a picture of Oscar and himself to the tweet.

The PSP leader had recently posted a picture of Oscar at a veterinary hospital, which went viral shortly after publishing.

Expressing his love for dogs, Jumblat has recently condemned an incident in which dozens of stray dogs were deliberately poisoned in Ghobeiri.

“If there is a creature who reminds us of our humanity and teaches us loyalty, love and tenderness it would be the dog,” Jumblat said.

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Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 1 year

But he will


Thumb ice-man 1 year

Picture above: background Jumblatt, foreground mowaten.

Thumb s.o.s 1 year

haha it certainly is. he was combed for the occasion!

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Actually, it is more like : nassrallah in the foreground and junblatt in the background.