Army Stops Syrian Migrant Boat Off Qalamoun


The Lebanese Army's naval force on Wednesday stopped a boat that was trying to leave Lebanese territorial waters illegally off the northern town of Qalamoun, the military said.

An army statement said the boat took off from Bhannine's shore carrying ten Syrians.

An investigation has since been launched under the supervision of the relevant judicial authorities.

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Thumb lebanon_first 3 months

Why? Let them go! Give them food and fuel and let them go

Overpaid army has nothing else to do...

Thumb whyaskwhy 3 months

The pic depicts our Air Craft carrier, submarine and the Battleship HMS Clown all in one. I am surprised to see they have a boat lol. The USA left a landing craft back in 58 that the army still uses for transport and protection of our illustrious nation. The army navy undoubtedly thought it was a drug deal that went wrong and in protecting Kizb's businesses they had to investigate.

Missing greatpierro 3 months

Actually it is a recent boat that the Lebanese navy acquired in 2012 with US funding.

Missing ysurais 3 months

PLSSS let them gooooo