FPM, PSP Ministers in Fresh War of Words


A fresh exchange of tirades erupted Sunday between a minister from the Progressive Socialist Party and another from the Free Patriotic Movement.

“It was wrong to allocate the Ministry of the Displaced to a movement that does not believe in the (Mount Lebanon) reconciliation and to a person who does not believe in coexistence but is rather living the grudges of the past, the tumors of the present and the paranoia of the future,” Industry Minister Wael Abu Faour of the PSP said in a statement.

Minister of the Displaced Ghassan Atallah, who belongs to the FPM, swiftly hit back via Twitter.

“Everyone knows who displaced the people and who returned them to the barbaric war scenes on Sunday,” Atallah tweeted, referring respectively to the Mountain War chapter of Lebanon’s civil war and the deadly Qabrshmoun incident that occurred on Sunday, June 30.

“I will not be dragged to the level of fanatics who want to stir a strife in Mount Lebanon… The Lebanese know well who wants the return of the displaced and who used the ministry for brokering deals and blackmailing people,” Atallah added.