One Wounded in Armed Clash in Khalde


An armed clash broke out on Tuesday in the Khalde area, leaving one person wounded.

The National News Agency said guards of Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan exchanged fire with members of Khalde’s Arab tribes, which resulted in the injury of Sheikh Omar Ghosn.

“Security forces immediately arrived on the site and are working on containing the incident,” NNA added.

The LDP meanwhile issued a statement denying its involvement in the clash and describing it as a “personal dispute.”

LDP sources told MTV that “a verbal clash broke out with Sheikh Omar Ghosn and young men close to him opened fire.”

“They were the only ones who opened fire, wounding a woman in the area, and the army is encircling the houses of those who fired weapons,” the sources added.

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Thumb eagledawn 6 months

Judicial Council, please!!!

Thumb justin 6 months

توجه وفد نيابي برئاسة النائب علي بزي، ممثلا رئيس المجلس النيابي نبيه بري إلى العاصمة واشنطن، بدعوة من الكونغرس الاميركي.

وألقى بزي كلمة أمام وفود نيابية من اكثر من 20 دولة وفي حضور أعضاء من الكونغرس الاميركي، اعتبر فيها ان “فرض دولة عقوبات على نواب من دولة أخرى هو تهديد للديمقراطية، وتصنيف للناس بحسب مصالح هذه الدولة وتلك، ما يتعارض مع مبادئ الديموقراطية”.

وقال بزي: “ان جورج واشنطن حارب الاحتلال البريطاني من اجل الحرية والاستقلال، كذلك نحن في بلادي ثمة شعب قاوم ويقاوم الاحتلال والإرهاب لأنه يعشق الحرية والعزة الوطنية والاستقلال”.

So his hezbollah was/is fighting for national dignity and independence in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain.

Thumb janoubi 6 months


Thumb whyaskwhy 6 months

Nothing will come of it. A year ago Porcelains street scum killed a person and left for Syria. Why Syria? because that the regime that protects Porcelain. Nothing became of that so why should this be any different the law does not apply to this wonderful contributor to our society.