Aoun at Cabinet Session: Ramifications of Qabrshmoun Addressed on Three Levels


President Michel Aoun said at the beginning of a cabinet meeting that the ramifications of the deadly Qabrshmoun incident have been addressed at the political, judicial and security levels, the National News Agency reported on Saturday.

“There has been an unfortunate incident in Qabrshmoun that greatly impacted the country,” said Aoun at the onset of the cabinet session.

“The ramifications of the incident were addressed at three levels. At the political level, its was completed during yesterday's meeting. At the judicial level, the judiciary will complete its work in accordance with applicable laws and at the security level, the security forces are responsible for implementing the plan set in this regard,” said the President.

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Thumb Nade 4 months

The only reason this was resolved, Because of the pressure put by the USA and European. Otherwise, the game goes on.

Thumb s.o.s 4 months

Everything is fake in him, even his hair color.

Thumb thepatriot 4 months

Oh! The mummy has spoken!