Arslan on Qabrshmoun Reconciliation: More Talks are Needed


Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan held a press conference Saturday dwelling on the reconciliation talks with the Progressive Socilalist Party on the Qabrshmoun incidents that took place Friday at Baabda Palace.

"What happened in Baabda is a summary of initiatives. What was issued yesterday is a brief summary of the four initiatives that contain the same content," Arslan said.

Arslan described the Baabda meeting as "good,'' saying it was the first move to ease tension after the deadly incident noting that more talks are needed to resolve its ramifications.

Finally, the MP stressed President's keenness to solve the problem in order to maintain justice, law and security in the country.

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Missing phillipo 4 months

Surely, the only place this matter should be dealt with is in the Courts. All other organisations should "keep their noses out of it".