PSP MP Says U.S. Statement Unnecessary, Solution 'Purely Lebanese'


A Progressive Socialist Party lawmaker on Sunday said that the U.S. embassy statement on the Qabrshmoun incident was “unnecessary,” stressing that the solution reached Friday was “purely Lebanese.”

“I personally wish it had not been issued, seeing as it was unnecessary at that point and the solution was maturing,” MP Bilal Abduallah said in a TV interview.

“From the beginning, we were insisting that the solution should be Lebanese-made and I stress that what happened was purely Lebanese,” Abdullah added, noting that the reconciliation reached in Baabda was “a carbon copy of Speaker Nabih Berri’s proposal.”

“We had entrusted Speaker Berri with the file from the beginning and he rejects injustice, the distortion of the truth and anything that is unfair,” Abdullah went on to say, noting that the Speaker enjoyed Hizbullah’s support in his efforts.

Turning to the judicial procedures pertaining to the deadly Qabrshmoun incident, the MP said: “We have handed over the biggest part of those wanted by the judiciary and we will hand over the rest. We have put the issue on its right judicial track and we will be positive towards anything demanded by the probe.”

Abdullah, however, warned that his party “would have a stance” when it senses that “someone has started interfering in the investigation or in the work of the judiciary.”

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Missing un520 4 months

Its their way of saying thanks to the US. As always in the Middle East.