Israel Delays Ouster of Filipina Worker, Israeli-Born Son


The deportation of a Filipina migrant worker and her Israeli-born teenage son was delayed at the 11th hour to await a final decision on their fate, an association said Monday.

Rosemarie Perez was arrested by immigration officials along with her 13-year-old son Rohan last Tuesday for remaining in the country illegally.

They were taken to Ben-Gurion airport near Tel Aviv on Sunday night but later taken off the plane, said Beth Franco of the United Children of Israel (UCI) association.

The lawyer for the family, Carmel Bensur, has requested an urgent hearing on their status in a bid to have them remain in Israel, she told AFP.

On Sunday, a court had rejected Perez's plea to stay, immigration authority spokeswoman Sabine Haddad told AFP.

"She has been here illegally for 10 years," Haddad said.

UCI argues that it is cruel to send Rohan -- and other children of migrants -- to a country they have never seen and where they do not speak the language.

Last week, migrants, their children and Israelis staged a protest in Tel Aviv against the policy of deporting Israeli-born children of migrants.

Many of the 28,000 -- largely Christian -- Filipinos in Israel arrived to work as caregivers and home help, but according to UCI, some 600 families could now face expulsion over a loss of residency status.

Visas were conditioned on the requirement that they do not start a family in the country apart from certain exceptions, the association says.

The issue has particular resonance in Israel, where there are long-term fears about maintaining a Jewish majority in the country founded as a national homeland for Jews in the wake of the Holocaust.

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Missing issa89 6 days

You must understand why before you think this is cruel. The jewish foreigners are banning others from staying in a foreign land because they (the jewish foreigners) not only stayed but took over the land, massacred its people, turned them into refugees, jailed them, took their homes, farms and buildings, set up check points, jewish only roads, shoot protestors, attack worshipers, vandalize christian cemeteries, commit new massacres, and also occationaly drop heavy bombs on the most densly populated area in the world. So we should all show sympathy with israel. They are scared that if the Filipino community stays, they might do the same to them as they did to the Palestinians. Last but not least, may you Philipo, the hasbarist assigned to comment on naharnet, get back all the evil you have supported israel in.

Missing phillipo 5 days

when exactly were you in Israel to be able to make all the comments full of incorrect data.
"massacred its people" how many killed by Assad, Hizballah etc?
"turned them into refugees" it was in the mosques told to leave so that the Arab armies could wipe out the Jews within a month.
"attack worshippers". Where exactly did these worshippers on Haram as-Sharif find the stones, sticks, chairs, etc to throw at the police who were only there to keep order.
"vandalize christian cemeteries" There has not been a single Christian cemetery vandalised, and if already we are talking about Christians, can you tell us which is the only country in the Middle East where the Christian community has increased in numbers? I can - Israel.
"drop heavy bombs on the most densely populated area in the world" The only time Israel has bombed Gaza is in RETALIATION to the thousands of rockets fired by Hamas and Jihad Islami terrorists from Gaza into civilian areas in Israel.

Missing phillipo 6 days

You Lebanese have no room to talk. You refuse to grant nationality to the foreign wives and children of Lebanese men

Missing issa89 5 days

The rat shows up whenever israel is mentioned. We have plenty of room to talk because we don't pretend to be the light of the world nor are we foreigners living on stolen land while rejecting other foreigners. How much do hasbara commentors get payed?

Thumb whyaskwhy 5 days

Not to forget the treatment of maids in Lebanon which is not much better Issa89. Lebanese jails are full of mistreated maids but lets not talk about that right? After all the reason this topic is interesting is that it points to Israel which we all know is all evil right? Like Phillipo stated he that lives in a glass house should not be throwing stones at others....

Missing issa89 5 days

Whyaakwhy The case of israel is different than Lebanon and you know it. The issue is not the treatment of foreigners but rather the irony of foreign land thiefs kicking out foreigners simply because they are of a different religon. Rou7 endabb ahbal.