Hariri Says Israel 'Aggression' in Dahiyeh a 'Threat to Regional Stability'


Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Sunday condemned Israel sending drones that fell over Beirut’s southern suburbs as a "blatant attack on Lebanon's sovereignty."

"This new aggression... forms a threat to regional stability and an attempt to push the situation towards more tension," he said in a statement.

Hariri also charged that it was in violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701 that ended a 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon's Hizbullah.

The premier added that he will remain in contact with President Michel Aoun and Speaker Nabih Berri agree on the "next steps."

Hariri also urged the international community and "Lebanon's friends in the world" to shoulder "the responsibility of protecting Resolution 1701 from the threats and repercussions of the Israeli violations," noting that the Lebanese government will "fully shoulder its responsibilities in this regard."

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Thumb galaxy 9 months

What a loser! his buddy nassrallah keeps threatening that he will put the region on fire if Iran is attacked and this nobody is talking about Israeli aggression?! Is he and his no-good government complying with resolution 1701 to talk about Israeli aggression?

Thumb whyaskwhy 9 months

He has to appear to say something supportive to kizb otherwise he faces the gauntlet of kizb sending him to meet with his father earlier than expected

Thumb warrior 9 months

Hariri Says Israel 'Aggression' in Dahiyeh a 'Threat to Regional Stability'

and how does this incompetent spineless prime minister view hezbollah's aggression in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen?