Hizbullah’s Name Pops Up on Pentagon TVs


American journalists on Tuesday published tweets and videos on social media about a pop-up window screen that showed on televisions in the pentagon press offices displaying “Hizbullah.”

Pentagon correspondent, Carla Babb, published a photo she has taken of her TV screen at the Pentagon.

“So this just popped up on my TV screen as I was watching ⁦CNN...happened on at least two other screens at the Pentagon. Is this a Pentagon issue or CNN issue? Did Hizbullah just successfully hack into something?” she tweeted under the photo.

Another tweet came from a reporter for the US army, Haley Britzky. Under a photo of her screen she wrote: “From the TV in the Pentagon bullpen. Literally not now, Hizbullah.”

Shortly after she wrote: “It was up just momentarily, and things are back to normal now! TVs were on the news.”

Lara Seligman, Pentagon Correspondent for Foreign Policy, tweeted under a photo of her TV displaying “Hizbullah”: “What just happened to the tv in the pentagon press bullpen?”

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Missing keserwaniaseel 8 months

Who cares

Thumb abe_Lincolnstein 8 months

You too time off your busy day to post, so you must do

Missing keserwaniaseel 8 months

So says the dude with many screen names

Thumb abe_Lincolnstein 8 months

As many as you have "keserwani"aseel. Nasrallah said the keserwan is shiite the christians came as invaders, do you plan to take it back from them?

Missing bigjohn 8 months

Hey Zionistein, we Lebanese Christians and Muslims M14, M8, and independents do not consider fellow Lebanese as "enemies". The SLA were wiped out and are no longer in Lebanon.

Thumb s.o.s 8 months

LoL what a joke. I’ve been inside the pentagon up to the area where employees swipe their cards to get in. This means to that a terrorist could have ‘hacked’ their TVs from outdoor.

Thumb abe_Lincolnstein 8 months

"press offices displaying the word “Hizbullah.”.. displaying “Hizbullah”"
"Hezbollah" Naharnet. Guys look at the monitor the word displayed was the American spelling "Hezbollah" not "Hizbullah". Not the work of someone from the party. They would have wrote it properly as "Hezballah". Obviously an American posted this.

Missing keserwaniaseel 8 months

It means your yahood cousins did it

Thumb thepatriot 8 months

Well... they are kind of illiterate so...
Not the most beautiful graphics either...