Ukraine Demands Punishment for Iran Plane Downing


Ukraine on Saturday demanded that Iran punish those guilty for the downing of a Ukrainian airliner and compensate victims while praising Tehran for cooperating with the "objective" investigation.

Ukrainian president Volodomyr Zelensky was due to discuss the incident with his Iranian counterpart President Hassan Rouhani at 5:00 pm local time (1500 GMT), his press office said.

"We expect Iran... to bring the guilty to the courts," the Ukrainian leader wrote on Facebook, calling also for the "payment of compensation" and the return of remains.

Tehran admitted Saturday that it accidentally downed the Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) plane, killing all 176 people on board on Wednesday, shortly after launching missiles at bases hosting US forces in Iraq.

Rouhani said Tehran "deeply regrets this disastrous mistake".

Tehran has invited the United States, Ukraine, Canada and others to join the crash investigation.

Kiev said that Iran had cooperated with its experts and it expects an objective probe.

Tehran has handed Ukrainian experts enough data including "all the photos, videos and other materials" to show the investigation "will be carried out objectively and promptly," Zelensky's office said.

"The political part of the work is finished," it added.

It published photos of experts examining the scene and close-ups of holes in the fuselage and shrapnel damage.

Ukraine said Friday its experts dispatched to Iran had been granted access to the flight's black boxes, debris from the plane, the crash site and to recordings of conversations between the pilot and the airport control tower.

Oleksiy Danilov, the secretary of Ukraine's national security and defence council, which is coordinating the probe, told AFP Kiev did not yet have evidence on where the missile was produced, only that it was "launched from Iranian soil."

Zelensky said earlier that Ukraine hoped the inquiry would be pursued "without deliberate delay and without obstruction."

He urged "total access" to the full inquiry for the 45 Ukrainian experts, and in a tweet also sought an "official apology".

- 'Absolutely irresponsible' -

UIA chief Yevhenii Dykhne said at a press conference in Kiev on Saturday that Tehran should have closed the airport due to the escalation of tensions in the region following the US assassination of a top Iranian general.

"It's absolutely irresponsible... if you're playing at war, they were obliged to close the airport," Dykhne said.

He wrote on Facebook that the Ukrainian crew and the aircraft "were the best."

Iran's official IRNA news agency published a statement from the military saying the Boeing 737 was mistaken for a "hostile plane" at a time when threats were at the highest level.

The majority of passengers on UIA Flight PS752 from Tehran to Kiev were Iranian-Canadian dual nationals but also included Ukrainians, Afghans, Britons and Swedes

Many in Kiev have compared the crash to the 2014 downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17 killing 298 people over eastern Ukraine where pro-Russian separatists are fighting government forces.

Moscow has denied the findings of international investigators that a Russian BUK misile hit the Malaysian flight.

"Iran has shown itself to be more civilised than Russia," pro-western Ukraine MP Volodymyr Ariev wrote on Facebook.

"Tehran has admitted its guilt in three days while Russia continues to try to get out of it."

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Thumb s.o.s 5 months

A billion dollars for the vics is a minimum!

Thumb warrior 5 months

Ukraine Demands Punishment

Bring Khamanei to Justice and hand him over to the families of the victims! He gave the orders.

Thumb enterprise 5 months

Iran Says 'Unintentionally' Shot Down Ukrainian Airliner

Nothing was 'Unintentional' ! Commercial planes/flights have transponder code (often called a squawk code) assigned by air traffic controllers to identify an aircraft uniquely in a flight information region (FIR). This allows easy identification of aircraft on radar!

The Iranian criminals knew what they were doing!

Missing peace 5 months

the same scenario as when the US hit an iranian plane in 1988 confusing it with an iranian fighter jet and killed 290 passengers. they first denied then admitted and paid 132 million usd as compensation. the sad thing is the US commanding officer in charge was awarded a navy commendation medal despite this criminal action.
the US are as criminal as the iranians, aren't they?.
all countries are the same, thinking about their interests first.

Thumb s.o.s 5 months

Not so true, Lebanon doesn’t think of its interests. Neva eva!

Perhaps Lebanon isn’t a country after all...

Missing peace 5 months

lebanon is not a country anymore, it's an association of ruling mafias

Thumb whyaskwhy 5 months

The terror regime was lying? They claimed it was a mechanical failure and now that there are umpteen videos they admitted that they shot it down...yes bu mistake of course lol. Were are the kizb trolls now?

Thumb ex-fpm 5 months

A huge lawsuit will be filed in the international courts against Iran on behalf of the victims. Iran will have to pay billions in compensation.

Thumb whyaskwhy 5 months

Iran will do little Ex-FPM, the only thinkg that will happen is that they will get with extra sanctions by the US. Divided europe will sit there and critise the US foreign policy and we move on. Years ago in 1988 when the US shot down and Iranian airliner they agreed to pay $68MM to the Iranian victims, you would be luck to see Iran pay a tenth of that to its own civilians....