Geagea Denies Having Coronavirus, Says Taking Precautions


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Tuesday denied social media rumors claiming that he has contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus, as he reassured that he is taking precautions.

“It is not shameful for any person to be infected with coronavirus these days,” Geagea added, in a phone interview with MTV.

Lamenting that some political rivals have more than once circulated rumors about his health, Geagea urged them to practice “honorable political rivalry.”

Asked whether he is staying home this period and whether he is engaging in any political activities, Geagea said: “I’m staying home and at my office simultaneously, seeing as they’re next to each other. I’m also carrying out political activities in a normal manner but through the available electronic means.”

“When necessary, I’m holding some small and limited meetings with a limited number of individuals while taking all the necessary measures,” he explained.

The rumors apparently started circulating after ex-minister May Chidiac of the LF announced Monday that she had tested positive for the virus.