Was There an Attempt to Assassinate Hariri in the Bekaa?


A blast went off 500 meters away from ex-PM Saad Hariri’s convoy during his visit more than a week ago to the Bekaa region, Saudi-owned Al-Hadath TV reported on Sunday.

Quoting “sources in Lebanon,” Al-Hadath said the explosion rocked a mountainous area within the convoy’s route as Hariri was returning to Beirut, noting that the blast was caused by a rocket.

“Hariri’s convoy continued its journey to Beirut after the rocket blast, as security agencies went on alert and combed the area, where they found the remains of a rocket,” the TV network added.

The security agencies opted to “keep the information under wraps,” Al-Hadath said.

“Security agencies are seeking to determine whether the rocket was fired by a drone or from a land base, in addition to the rocket’s type and caliber,” it added.

Commenting on the report, Hariri's press office said the broadcast information is "generally correct."

"Ex-PM Hariri was told by the relevant security agencies that a blast had occurred in the area on the same day, but seeing as the convoy did not come under any attack, and to prevent exploitation amid the current tensions, his decision was to keep the matter confidential and await the outcome of the investigations," the office added.

Unnamed sources meanwhile confirmed to LBCI TV that a security incident had occurred during the passage of Hariri’s convoy in the Western Bekaa region.

“Preliminary information had suggested that the blast resulted from the explosion of the fuel tank of a drone that was flying near the convoy,” the sources said.

“Investigations have been ongoing for the past 10 days and decisive results might be announced tomorrow on whether it was a drone’s fuel tank or a rocket and whether the convoy was being targeted,” the sources added.

Voice of Lebanon radio (100.3) meanwhile said the rocket’s remains were found by the Intelligence Branch of the Internal Security Forces, adding that “it was likely fired from a nearby rocket launchpad.”

Al-Jadeed TV meanwhile said that the aforementioned Branch “has not received any information about a security incident in the Bekaa involving ex-PM Saad Hariri’s convoy.”

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